Zwekabin Mountain Myanmar

Two Cabin Mountain Myanmar

Take on the challenge and climb the majestic mountain Zwekabin. Indefinite free entry to the best brainstorming opportunities in the hemisphere. Kwe Ka Baw mountain in the Kayin(Karen) state of Burma. Kwe Ka Baw mountain in the Kayin(Karen) state of Burma. Kayin (Karen) in Myanmar, known for its old Buddha Schools, the beautiful countryside and its welcoming population.

Kwe Ka Baw mountain in the Kayin(Karen) state of Burma.

Inle Lake, a Myanmar municipality traditionally inhabited by fishermen at sundown. Four San Diego, California, fellows went out in the summers to uncover the horrors done to the Burmese tribe, especially the Karen population. I have Karen from Thailand and Burma.

Sundown is the best time to see a pagoda and temple in Bagan, home to over 2000 wards. It' amazing to catch the bright light of the temple (. Take a day trip by ferry from the royal town Mandalay to old Bagan and explore the day-to-day lives of the locals and the scenic scenery on the Irrawaddy River.

Choosing the winner of our yearly readers' photography competition was certainly a huge challenge. The Zwegabin is a hard half-day ascent, but it is worth the effort for the view and the monastery at the summit. Photographic essays from a weekend in the city of Hpa-An in the state of Kayin. The band dances in Burma.

Burma, Karen state, Burma I miss Burma so much. Beautiful views of the famed temple in Bagan, Myanmar. Photograph by Sam Gellman. Are you supposed to go to Burma? Still I can sense the memory of Myanmar flowing through my torso and my jetlaggear. The title of this photograph from Kayin in the south is'Slum Myawaddy, Burma'.

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