Zwekabin Mountain

Two-cabin mountain

We' re walking through a whole limestone mountain range. Hpa an is the capital of the state of Kayin and Mount Zwekabin is its most famous landmark. There are two different routes to the two cabins. Don't climb this mountain in the middle of the day and bring plenty of water.

Hike to Mount Zwekabin

We' ll meet you at your accommodation and head to the western entrance to get to the less precipitous spot. It is possible for those who are on an average fittedĀ to get to the 723 meter high peak within 2 h. Before you descend for about 1 hour, you' ll be able to admire the magnificent views from above.

The probably most beautyful cavern is the Saddar cavern. We' re walking through a whole limestone mountain area. Particularly the caverns Stalagmiten and Stalaktiten are amazing. Luckily, we don't have to go back the same way. Under the limestone massif a tradional wood ship takes us back to the parking lot.

Later in the afternoons we will go to the cavern, where every evening more than a thousand mice come out to find nourishment. When the sun goes down, back to the motel.

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