Hike to the summit of the Holy Mountain Zwegabin Now, why did I agree to go up a hill over 2,300?? This walk was a good sounding day when I was on my balconies with my new mates from Argentina and France. "Zwegabin is one of the holiest peaks of Myanmar," the Argentinean began.

A few paces, I encourage myself. We' ve decided to depart Hpa An, the city nearest to the hill, at 3 pm. From a strategic point of view, we have also decided on the less tiring and stair-oriented East Side of the hill. We were welcomed by exhilarating places of interest when we reached the basecamp of the place.

We started climbing with relief and relaxation. We made our first stop in a very short while. We laughed one moment and had a great laugh and the next we were all calm, focused on our breaths and didn't lose our grip on the crags. After what we had collected from former walkers, it was supposed to be a two hours ascent - and we had only been there for half an hours.

Each of us was encouraging and celebrating our little wins - like reaching another control point or crossing a group of elder. Because of this thigh-burning smile, the minute and step drifting away from us. "One of my friends shouted, "Radio masts are only made at the highest points of a hill.

Somehow we found our second breeze and limped up the hill with new strength. In the next 20 mins. every little mark of civilisation made us cry with delight. Eventually we saw the shield we were all looking for - meticulously cut stairs leading to a huge arch that welcomes us and congratulates us on our achievement.

We joined about the fact that we had just lasted the same hurtful and traitorous two hour. Tranquillity and tranquillity were rolling over me and everything I had to endure on the trip was rolling off my shoulder.

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