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Two-cabin Hotel Best Holiday Experience. Come and visit American Express Travel IN and book your flight, hotel and support today. For more details on the individual dates, please contact us. Near Dat-da-lun Monastery, Lone-Ma Taung, Hpa-An and Zwe Cabin Main Road, Hpa-An, Karen State. Two Ka Bin Hotel, Hpan.

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After arriving at the airfield, the trip will welcome you and collect you to the Mt. 3.5 hour drive to Mt. 3k. It is near Kyaikto in Mon State in the north of the Tenasserim coastline. Golden Rock is at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sealevel, on Kyaiktiyo Knoll (also known as Kelasa Knoll or eastern Yoma Knoll, it lies on the Paung-laung crest of the eastern Yoma Massif.

Kinpun is located 16 km (10 miles) at the bottom of Mount Kyaiktiyo. It' the next one to the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. The footpath or the street to the Gold Rocks begins from Kyaiktiyo. There are two large limes near the hill, watching over the entry to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda.

Looks like it's falling off the rim of Mount Kyaiktiyo and rolling down into the vast countryside of Myanmar. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, which was constructed on the roof, is over seven metres high. Accommodation in Kyaik Htiyoe . In Kayin there are two kinds of Kayin the Kayin hills and the Kayin flat.

Heading to Pha-an, the route leads to Bayin Nyi Naung Cave, Bayin Nyi Naung Cave, which is located in a large and tranquil area with a large source of heat at the foot of the Bayin Nyi Naung Cave which was known in columnists as Bin Gyi Cave. In the afternoon the trip takes you to Kawgun Cave, known as a cogun during the settlement period and also known as the Cave of the Ten Thousand Buddhas.

It is also a limestone cavern and the dimensions are 200 ft high and 300 ft long. It is richly adorned with different types of sound Buddha pictures and votiv desks. The name Ya Thae Pyan Pave was known in the colonic books as P'agad cage and the actual name as Ya Thea Pyan translates as Hermit cage.

It is located on the top of the mountain, next to the Kawgon den and the entry room contains many Buddha statues and the hermit's statue. There is a pool of "holy" waters behind the lying Buddha statue. KYAUK KA LAP LAGODA kyauk ka lap lagoda, near Hpa-an and a truly original pass.

It is also located at the top of the unusually high and thin limestone formations and in the centre of the pond. In the back of the pit and the pond is Mt. Zwe Ka Pin and Kyauk ka Lap means water garden. lunches and dinners at the hotel.

Accommodation in Thiri Pha-an Hotel. Following the hotel breakfasts, the route takes you to Mt. Zwe Ka Pin Mt. Zwe Ka Pin is a landmark of Kayin State. The Zwe Ka Pin is one of the holiest hills in the region with a mountainous area.

To the Kaw Ka Taung Cave, located near Kaw Kayaik and east of Zwe ka Pin Mountain. There' are a number of stone monks outside the grounds. There are also many Buddha sculptures in the cave and it is only 53 metres long. It' s paved and full of sculptures.

lunches and dinners at the hotel restaurant. For further information on the individual appointments, please contact us. In the meantime, the suggested hotel and service options are dependent on available accommodation. Should the suggested hotel or service no longer be available at the moment of booking, we will reserve appropriate options.

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