Zwe Ka Pin Hotel

Two Ka Pin Hotel

Two Ka Pin Hotel in Hpa-an. You come to your hotel and drive to Hpa-an. To the Kawgun Cave, where the entrance of Entry Hpa-an City is located. Two Ka Pin Hotel in Hpa-an. View more ideas about hotel reservations, Hpa and touring.

Individual travel and eco-tours to Myanmar (Burma)

In accordance with this principle, our catalog is very adaptable to give our customers the opportunity to organise their own trips. There is a base programme that contains sightseeing trips to the most important places of interest in the area. Obviously, this is not a mandatory programme either, only a proposal: Itineraries can be added to our base programme or taken individually.

Length and programme are at your service - we will be happy to help you..... periods ( "program elements" last until May 2017): -prices: Our tour rates generally depend on the means of transportation and the hotel quality. In general, aviation is more costly than rail or highway and of course there are also the common variations in hotel quality.

In some cases, it can be surprisingly costly to stay in a hotel off the well-trodden paths. Generally, our trips only contain breakfasts, as most of our customers choose to take care of their own catering. If you would like to add a meal (full or half board) to your programme, we can also make arrangements.

hotel: We offer our customers a choice of luxurious and medium sized hotel accommodation (only in Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay). Our contracted resorts (including mid-range hotels) fulfil minimal demands for cleanness and convenience (all rooms are usually air-conditioned with en-suite bathrooms). In remote areas, sometimes our minimal standard is not met; in this case you can be sure that we will always reserve the best available hotel for you.

Upon your enquiry we will be pleased to send you a complete listing of our partners. Visits: There are two types of guides: with â??throughout guideâ or with â??station guideâ?. You will be picked up at Yangon International and accompanied during your entire journey. After your journey you will be taken back to the plane or other means of transportation - unless you would like to book a holiday on the beach: in this case, the ?throughout guideâ?? will usually not come along - unless you ask for it!

On the other side, a train chief waits for you at the particular target, leads you there and then takes you to your next one. â?? Guidesâ?? with knowledge of the following languages:   COPY10 Guides   usually speaking English. A â??throughout Guideâ is of course more costly than a travel agent, as you have to cover its airfares as well as the cost of accomodation, although the cost is significantly lower due to preferential rates than for a holiday-maker.

We charge our rates with â??station Guidesâ?? For a â??throughout ?throughout For a guide â??, there is an extra charge of about 180 US$ (total) for our regular day / night price (10 days / 9 nights). â??Throughout Guidesâ and â??station Guidesâ will also help you find the right restaurant. Limousine and van rents have relaxed somewhat due to the new, strict Myanmar tariff.

Bed and breakfasts in mid-range hotel (usually with AC and bathroom), bus, minibus (vans) or car transportation (please keep in mind that we usually book two bus places per customer to give you more room to breathe....), flight with privately owned airline companies, boating (for the cruise to Bagan we usually use the Shwe Keinnaryi or Malikha ferry).

The following programme can be added to our default programme (optional): Since the streets around Kengtung are quite rugged, we have indicated for passenger vehicles and transporters with all-wheel drives; busses are not readily available. A number of establishments levy a "high rate " for Christmas and New Year or the Feast of the Sea (first half of April).

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