Zwe Ka bin Mountain

Two Ka bin Berg

Khayone Cave and Kaw Ka Thaung Caves. "No foreigners may spend the night on Lake Ka Bin. On the mountain there is a communication tower with areas and antennas. Two Cabin Taung is a hill and is located in Kayin, Myanmar.

Ausländer dies in apparent suicide on Mount Zwekabin

About RANGOON - A popular holidaymaker from France is killed after jumping off the top of Mount Zwekabin in Karen State last sunday. "Mr. Yannick Normandin, a 37-year-old of French nationality, came from Yangon. When he had visited Kyaikto, he reached Mount Zwekabin at about 7 pm on Friday.

Then he climbs to the sanctuary at the top of the mountain. Then after taking three paces, he jumped off," said U Nyi Nyi Nyi Moe, an Htone Aing PD officers. The man's corpse was found in a forest about 52 metres below the top on Saturday, said U Nyi Nyi Moe.

Corpse was sent to Hpa-an Hospital. The case was supported by a burial organisation and the Hpa Office of Humanitarian Relief. On the corpse the cops found the man's identity document, the cash and other contacts of the mob. The Frenchman's friend approached the Rangoon Ambassador of France on Saturday to inform her friend that she was reported unavailable and said that she had been out of touch with him, U Nyi Nyi Moe said.

"To bring the man's corpse to France, the entire Bordeaux government is awaiting approval. Uh-huh. But according to the 1/2017 law enforcement investigation, we are still in the Htone Aing law enforcement department in Karen State," the law enforcement official said. Mt. Zwekabin is one of the most important touristic attraction of the Karen state.

Trekking Mt Zwegabin Backpackers Adventure Guide

In any case it is definitely rewarding a walk and a walk for the view! Route 85 is the major highway from Hpa An to Myawaddy and lasts about 20 min by motorcycle (8.5 km). There is a cab to both entrances of Hpa An for 4000 Kayt (3 US$ / 2 GBP) and you can have up to 4 in a vehicle; you can round it up to 5000 Kayt for a full one.

So we found the hitchhikers on both ways as soon as we reached the major highways. On the way back you will probably have to reach a major street to try to get a cab. However, if you can spend the night, you will have the best view at dawn and dusk.

It is easy to install something in the mornings of your ascent and then leave early in the afternoons to make it in good season for sundown. On the next you will probably get up early the next evening with singing, setting sun and apes, so that you can come down the mountain again at midday.

Lumbini is by far the most attractive way in and is a slower ascent. It' still up, but the stairs and roads are a bit slower than the laughably sloping 85 east street. However, the driveway to Oststraße 85 is short and can take less of your schedule, but as it is more physical, it will depend on your physical state.

It is strongly recommended that you take the Lumbini entry upstairs and, according to your means of transportation, perhaps go down the east side. The Lumbini entry is much nicer, so if you have to decide on a round trip, make sure you take the Lumbini one. It is good to know that at the time of the letter (end of 2016) there are no costs for the ascent of this wonderful mountain.

You only charge 5000 Kayt (4 US$ / 2. 8 GBP) as a contribution if you want to stay upstairs. They should also provide a hot coat for the evening, as it gets cool at the top. Flashlight to find your way around at dawn and dusk.

Although we cannot ensure this on every stroll, we can enjoy epoxy vistas, many Buddhas, a breathtaking stupa and a good opportunity to see apes..... New to Myanmar? However, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, you will probably want to take a tour book with you.

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