Zurich old Town

Old Town of Zurich

Visitors can experience Zurich's multifaceted past on a tour of the old town. Have a look at the pictures and our review of the old town. Discover the cobbled streets of the historic old town and learn about the history of this breathtaking city on the Limmat. The old town of Zurich is everything you would expect from a historic city centre, but also from a lively centre of modern life.

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The Hotel Zum Storchen is FANTASTIC when you need a view of the stream. When you don't want to pay too much, Hotel Central also has a view of the stream and is opposite the railway stop. The Hotel St. Gotthard is also located directly on Bahnhofstrasse. Keep in mind that Zurich is small and everything is within walk of.

Zürich's Old Town | Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland's highest density of nightclubs, one of the most well-known commercial districts and a rich variety of culture. All this against a mediaeval setting. The old town of Zurich is a culturally, socially and historically rich crucible. Zurich's mediaeval buildings, winding, small alleys and Renaissance guildhalls and town councils provide an appealing setting for first-class entertainmen.

An itinerary through the old town allows the visitor to discover Zurich's multi-faceted past. It is a lively story of typical architecture and the characters who used to live and play in it. Grossmünster's twin cathedrals are Zurich's landmarks. Charlemagne builds the tower on the spot where the tombs of the patron saint Felix and Regula were located.

Other places of interest are St. Peter's Church with the biggest clock face in Europe and the Fraumünster, famous for its Giacometti and Chagall glazed-window.

Old town of Zurich on foot

Zurich´s's most beloved walk through the historical old town provides intriguing glimpses into the city's colourful past. The three were all inhabitants of Zurich. Not only the great heads who are fascinated by the seaside town with its well-preserved old town, but also the visitors from all over the globe who have always streamed into the flourishing megacity.

During a two hours stroll through the old town we look for hints to the past of city´s in its secluded alleys and scenic places. It is a beloved trip full of amazing and entertaining stories and has a lot to show both tourists and natives.

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