Zo-Definition, variant of the zoo - before a vowel: Zooid. Newest tweets from Zo (@zochats). Zo-definition: a Tibetan cattle breed, developed by crossing the yak with ordinary cattle | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. A Microsoft-developed English-language chatbot with artificial intelligence. The ZO makes your life easier by bringing the best service providers directly to you, here at the Rock Center.


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Encounter Zo, Microsoft's newest AI chat bot

Mircrosoft gives Kik early entry to its latest AI chat bot named Zo.ai. is a follower of Microsoft's unfortunate Tay.ai chat bot, which the firm recanted in March after getting people to spit out racial, hateful comment. The Kik user who download the ZoViews will notice that Microsoft's newest chat bot is closed, probably to avoid another Tay-like game.

I' ve asked Microsoft when to extend Zo.ai to Skype or other network, but they haven't answered. Tay.ai was jointly designed by the Microsoft Research and Bing research groups and is designed for 18 to 24-year-olds. Bing's Bing crew designed a former talking messenger for the China exchange, Xiaoice, which the officers called "Cortana's little sister".

I assume it's this group that creates and deploys new Microsoft chat bots like Zo, and possibly a rumor that a Bing Assistant robot may be in the works. The original version of this tale was published on ZDNet as "Microsoft is taking another hit at an AI chattbot with Zo".


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