Maha reminder Aung Myin Buddha is known as Zalun Pyidawpyan or the image that has returned to the homeland. Receive the Zalun weather forecast. Great savings on hotels near Zalun, Myanmar online. Pyitawpyan Pagoda, Buddha Andaw and U Thila Stupa are important places in Zalun. Explore Zalun, Ayeyarwady, Burma with the help of your friends.

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The city of Zalun is a small city in the Irrawaddy region, about 50 kilometers from Yangon. Zalun is a popular destination for travellers, as there are not many places of interest for those who are mainly interested in recreational time. For Myanmar Buddhists, however, a stay in Zalun is a sacred parishion. Aung Myin Buddha is also a fount of nationally proud, for the Maha admonition is bestowed with exceptional power and power.

Aung Myin Buddha's maha reminder picture is said to have been poured in Rakhine State at the same time as four other pictures on the orders of King Sandar Suriya. Now the first to be poured was the Mahar Muni Buddha in Mandalay. Of the rest of the sheet music, the second picture was known as Shin Kyaw, the third as Shwe Bonthar and the forth as Mahn Aung Myinmage.

Mahn Aung Myin means the triumph of Lord Guatama over the five maras (evil). Once the picture was poured, it took a place of honor on the right side of the Maha Muni picture. Shwe Bontha's picture took the leftside edge. Maha reminder Aung Myin Buddha is known as Zalun Pyidawpyan or the picture that has come back to the homeland.

This is why it is also called Buddha Returbed to the Native Land. Burma is known worldwide as "the land of the pagodas" because every city and every country has at least one of them. Every city and every small hamlet has a celebration of pagodas all year round.

The Zalun Pyidawpyan Pagoda Feast takes place on the full Monday of Tabaung, the last of the Myanmar calendar, which coincides in March. Natives from all over the land give goods for the Buddha image and give charity to the people.

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