Zadetkyi Island

Island Zadetkyi

Aka Zadetkyi Island or Zadetkyi Kyun, also known as Saint Matthew's Island, is an island at the southern end of the Mergui Archipelago, Burma. Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago: Mysteries of the best isles More than 800 Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago islets are not all visited at once. The majority of tourisboats stop on the same island, each with a different draw card. When you plan a journey to Myanmar, you should know the following about the most visited islands:

The Zadetkyi Island does not have much to offer, but it is the place where you are most likely to exchange your catches with native fishers or segeyps. There is no point in taking cash because it does them no good at sea, but they are happy to exchange a pack of paddy sticks or a few cool refreshments for enough fresh fish or shrimps to support an army.

ISLAND PONI is a great place for snorkelling, but this can be changed with a privately owned resource under development. 115 ICELAND has not yet been designated, but it is probably the first look into Heaven. Bokho Island is the location of one of the biggest Moken Seagypsy towns, Ma Kyone Galet.

It' s burning with heat and apart from the stroll over the major resistance, which is covered with garbage, there's not much to do. It' a good notion to get there within the next year as it was purchased by a resorts developers. Maceleod Island has some of the best snorkeling and bathing in the whole island, so please take your cameras with you.

There is also a small eco-resort where you can take a bath and taste the home made cocktails from the restaurant bars - MacLeod Island Spicy Geine, essentially a gingerbread clay with a cool chili pepper.

A pristine paradise: Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago

Andaman Sea is known for its beauties - in many ways it is the ideal place for postcards for reef islanders swimming in blue waters. Most of the Andaman coastline is highly touristically accessible - especially the Thai part - but in a miraculous way there is still a place in the Andaman Mountains that is largely untouched:

Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago. The Mergui Archipelago - also known as the Myeik Archipelago - lies on the southernmost tip of Myanmar and encompasses around 800 islets. Known as the home of the "Moken", this wonderful collection of Andaman Island nomads who spent half a year at sea was only opened to tourists in 2006 and much of the area is still unspoiled and intact.

Its remoteness has contributed to preserving its unspoilt beauties, and the Mergui islets are rich in biodiversity, with rain forests, mangrove and unspoilt sea and coast eco-systems surrounded by distinctive calcareous rocks. Exploring the Mergui Archipelago by sea is the only option, as there are very few places to stay in this outlying area.

Sail the Mergui archipelago at a slow rate to discover these beautiful tropic channels, drift from one stunning island to another, stop for snorkelling on pristine cliffs, roam lonely sandy areas, visiting nearby Moken villages and hiking through monkey-filled woods. One of the highlights of every journey is a stop at Lampi Island - one of the biggest island of the island known for its biologically rich forest and clear water.

This is a Moken town where you can experience their marine life style and learn more about their distinctive cultural and important roles in the area. In the Mergui Archipelago, Pila Island is also a must, where you can take a stroll through the jungles, try your luck at catching tunas or just unwind on the island's lonely banks.

Featuring more than 800 islets, you are sure to cover long distances of abandoned beaches when you are visiting the Mergui archipelago. Mid Group islets are some of the most beautiful, tranquil sandy beaches, not to speak of innumerable secluded bays, tranquil harbours and luxuriant prickly pears.

The island of Zadetkyi is also a spellbinding stopover. You will find amazing snorkel sites around the island and on the way you can even see a group of sharks. When it comes to snorkel, the Mergui Archipelago is one of Asia's best kept siblings. Off the beaten track, there' are swarming cliffs like Say Tan and Macleod, whose limited accessibility means you can have them all to yourself.

Mergui Archipelago contains innumerable gems for eco-travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. For exploring the pristine Mergui Archipelago Island, please consult one of our Myanmar-based travel experts who can assist you with your tailor-made Myanmar Island Paradise cruise.

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