Yunnan Restaurant Yangon

Restaurant Yangon

Verify the information of Yunan ( II )-Yangon Sanchaung/Chinese Barbecue at Yunnan BBQ (Hlegu branch) The Yunan BBQ has a separate room where you can dine with your family and family.

The Yunan BBQ is one of the sensible restaurants and you can enjoy the marriage celebration.

Yunnan-Burma Authentic Cuisine - Gui Mi Restaurant

71, Nineteenth and Latha Township, Yangon. To Yangon, this means to avoid 19. road and anyone still in their Thai fishing trousers down here in Longgyi territories. I am amazed that just 200m from the Yunnan Youth Hostel we found the local Chinese Yunnan cuisine as good as it would make a visit to m?m?

The Gui Mi Restaurant is ignoring its neighbors on the other side of the Maha Bandula Rd to provide some calming genuine cuisine. Run by two Chenghian nuns from Yunnan County ( "the Shan State" in northeastern Myanmar), Gui Mi concentrates on the calmness of her work in a narrow and practical room that can often be missed by those who go to the bar only 200 meters northwards.

When I started with a clear bowl of eggs and sautéed fennels, the meal showed up quickly, with the best example of traditional Korean double-fried pig meat I have ever eaten. Deliciously hearty and with a good mouthfeel, the meat was sliced liberally, and the chillies had taste without being overwhelming. Sautéed eggs with chopped meat, although not much to see, have often been described as "as the mother used to do".

I have an imagined Mandarin mom who would agree. It was not overboiled, it remained crisp and had a pronounced taste of chili and chili, and fortunately it was not too greasy, a frequent aggravation. However, the high point was the roasted seafood, which at first looked more like a bit of a pig's stomach than something from the sea. Covered with a chopped tomato, chili, ginger, beans, and cloves of apple oil, it was first crusted with an exquisite layer of breadcrumbs, perhaps refined with a thin dough containing a layer of riceflour.

There was also a second course of pig meat and paprika, accompanied by dry chilli peppers. Notice that the restaurant does not service alcoholic beverages, but the previously shunned pubs have been the fountain of several icy Heinekens. Well, maybe Nineteenth is not so terrible after all. In Yangon there are many great places we often visit, namely small kitchens for families.

There are many people from different ethnical groups in Myanmar who offer great homemade dishes at a decent bar. Over the years, however, we haven't done much to check the restaurant on our website for worrying that it would become too crowded and we wouldn't be able to get a place the next day we went to the restaurant.

Consequently, some have concluded when the landlord raised their rental, as the restaurant owner is more known for their boiling abilities and genuineness than for their shop or Marketing abilities. We' re trying to change this by beginning this section on'My Favorite Restaurant'.

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