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University of Myanmar Department of Foreign Languages, Yangon

I' m Dr. Kyi Kyi Moe, Professor and Head of the Myanmar Division at Yangon University of Languages. We are responsible for teaching Myanmar as a non-Myanmar native speaker to multinational undergraduates. Those from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, the United States, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, etc. are now learning the Myanmar langua.

In addition, we take on the task of assigning brief classes such as a one-month course or two to five-month classes to internat. Those who wish to participate in these programmes must receive a confirmation of enrolment. Here they can not only learn Myanmar's language, but also Myanmar's literature and ancestry.

YUFL's Department of Myanmar would like to welcome those who wish to learn Myanmarese. Myanmar as a non-Myanmar native speaker was first taught at the Institute of Languages (IFL) in 1974. As the Department of Myanmar was not yet in place at the time, Yangon University instructors came to Myanmar to give lessons.

The Department of Myanmar was founded in 1985 at the Institute of Modern Language Studies. Until 1988-1989, only Myanmar's performance categories were opened there. A total of 1727 international YUFL alumni were educated between 1974 and 2016-2017. The majority of Myanmar's scholars, military officials, diplomatic and business people, those who want to study Tharawada Buddhism, and those who attend the partnering programme so that they come from different nations, speaking different tongues of different age.

Now the Competence Center for Myanmar as a Foreign Languages is being established and forward-looking programs designed to assist the Myanmar faculty and those who study Myanmar's languages, literary and cultural life.

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