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Playing YouTube video without advertising - Father & Mother Myanmar Song - Pa Reh. The Myanmar Thingyan Song, Taim Yan Bhone Myint+ Lu Lin Pyo. View YouTube statistics from Myanmar's most popular channels such as DVB TVnews, Eleven Broadcasting and VOA Burmese. Apparently this diagram shows the number of views a song has on YouTube. This is a song in honour of Scott Pruitt: Make America polluted again!

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For a long while, merchandising has been a part of the business of many designers..... Our goal is to make it easy for more creative people to distribute merchandising directly through their channels. We have teamed up with TeaSpring to offer designers a choice of over 20 merchandising products that they can personalise and market on a shelving unit on their canal.

As of today, this will be available to all qualifying U.S. TV stations with over 10,000 subscription numbers, and we are planning to attract even more merchandise and creative people. Introduction of premieres YouTube focuses on commitment between supporters and makers. We are working on new ways to help createers reinforce these singular bond.

Live streams have gathered the YouTube fellowship at the largest musical, scientific and games venues. We have also created a communities tab that allows developers to go beyond pure videos to establish even closer links with supporters through GIF, images, surveys and text. We have also begun to experiment with our stories, but specifically developed for YouTube authors who will reach all legitimate authors with more than 10,000 subscription customers later this year.

Today we introduce a new way for authors to post on YouTube: Premieres. Premieres allow the makers to make their debuts as moments of life. Whenever developers publish a premiere, we automate the creation of a pub-lishing page to arouse excitement and present new contents.

If all the supporters come to see the première, they can talk to each other (and the creator!) in person in person in real fucking hell. It' like the whole creative communities are in a theatre together and looking at their last up-load. This is the first opportunity for creatives to use super chats on conventional YouTube downloads and take full benefit of channel membership, previously only available on streaming video.

The debuts are already beginning today and will soon be available across the board. And if you want to see one for yourself, watch the forthcoming debuts of authors like Leroy Sanchez, JacksFilms, Jackson Bird and Ari Fitz, with more to come from Corridor Digital and Inanna Sarkis.

YouTube' s makers are the heart beat of our plattform. That is why we strive to develop innovative solutions that strengthen and sustain the creative team. Hopefully, these utilities will help designers create a larger fellowship and make more cash, because if they are successful, the whole YouTube fellowship will thrive. "Try YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Get the new YouTube music from the Play Store and App Store today or watch the all-new web browser at

Subscribe to YouTube Premium at YouTube Music Premium is $9. 99 per Mth and YouTube Premium is $11. 99 per Mth for U.S. Personal Membership Pricing and Family Plan availabilities vary by state. YouTube Premium will only be available at the latest YouTube Red rate.

Video from super-star teamsters like Lionel Messi, Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo showed an 80 per cent rise in surveillance last year (compared to last year). Recapitulations of matches, highlight games and trickshots for footballfans When it came to YouTube' s contents, recapitulations of matches, highlight games and trickshots were very well-loved.

In the last two years, the amount of watchers have been spending on YouTube has more than doubled, and since the last FIFA World Cup, the amount of football highlight has increased 9-fold, while the amount of football related tricks has increased by 50% last year.

YouTube not only attracts watching and participating footballfans, but also helps make their own playing more fun, with the surveillance period of "Drills and Skills" movies doubling since 2014. So how can you see your favourite FIFA-Worldcup 2018 memories this year? YouTube is a great way to follow your favourite FIFA 2018 FIFA Wold Cup memories with selected footage from FIFA channels in more than 80 nations worldwide, such as Telemundo in the USA, the BBC in the UK, ARD Sportschau in Germany, NHK in Japan, Kwese in Nigeria and Africa, Televisa in Mexico, Latina Televisión in Peru and many more.

You can follow all YouTube TV available stores in the US with the added possibility to use the YouTube TV clouds DVR function to capture video of your favorite game. YouTube will provide access to thousands of TV stations to guide you through the 2018 FIFA World Cup event, including a full range of shows, practice material, in-depth interviewing, joking and review.

FIFA's formal television will exchange information about the event and keep players up to date with the latest FIFA World Cup information. There will be a series of regularly updated and unique features, among them the FA with day-to-day contents from the UK international soccer squad, DFB. The squad from the team's practice and basecamp and FC Barcelona, who will even be interviewing Barça World Cup heroes.

And, wow, did they turn on! There were 1. 29 million peole looking out at the same time as Harry and Meghan swapped pledges, making this the fifth most favorite happening ever streamed on YouTube. The overall view of May 19, 2018 reaches 32 million visitors from all continents as they watch the wedding ceremonies, the processions, the video moments and the first kisses of the two.

The crowds were the highest in Britain and the USA, but crowds were fascinated everywhere and came into the bridal ghost. For those who miss it but still want to take a look at this next section of King's story, watch the videos on The Royale Family Channel.

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