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Muse/Muse is the native desktop client for YouTube music. Music is played and organized directly from YouTube. Muse's Music video in high resolution.

YouTube music player on the Mac App Store

Muse/Muse is the indigenous desktops for YouTube music. Music is played and organized directly from YouTube. There you can get recommendations for the sexiest tunes, find titles you're looking for, create your own playlist, and much more. - Find out what's hip on YouTube's music channels in your state. - Find/stream any song from YouTube.

  • Edit, build and organise an endless number of custom play lists. - Enjoy the music clip from YouTube whenever you want. You can download Muse now and get the full YouTube music collection right from your taskbar! Please note: Muse is a third-party application that is not designed, supported or connected to YouTube.

Until six members of the families can use this application with activated sharing.

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Muse's still sci-fi visual serial from'Simulation Theory' Muse continues the sci-fi topic of their latest music clips from their forthcoming Simulation Theory record. See "The Dark Side" at the top of YouTube. "It follows a range of films on the same 1980s topics, sportcars and car chases. They said that all 11 tracks on the record will get a music movie treat, so keep up.

Driven by a constant beats, spacy sounds and Matt Bellamy's unmistakable voice, the track has the qualities we know and like from Muse. Staged by Lance Drake, this action-packed movie shows Matt driving around in a sporting vehicle trying not to get caught by huge giants. It is a visual inspiring movie and fits the thrill of the music.

The publication of the theory of simulations is planned for November 9, 2018.

"a new @muse movie? Please register us. Observe #ThoughtContagion now ? ?..... "

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