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" Accessible Travel " Myanmar Peacock Travel, experienced professional tour operators in Myanmar. Our customers are encouraged to travel responsibly and respectfully. Here is our guide to responsible travel in Myanmar, Burma. Include a rental car with your booking and keep all your travel plans in one place. Burma has always been a country we wanted to visit, but we have also foreseen some stumbling blocks and hurdles along the way.

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Truly appreciated and recommended for this trip because of his good services and tourist guidance Ko Min Htet (also his first experience) he is very tolerant to the touristf. All in all, I would like to say that I....t is a good trip and I am hoping to maintain the level of customer-support.

It was really a beautiful journey with''Your Travel'', if I have the opportunity, I will join them again to the other journeys ? Thank you for everything. I recently travelled with them to Vietnam and all the preparations were really fantastic and the motel was also good.

He was.... very kind and always helpful. It is my pleasure to travel with this kind of tourist..... Thankyou to our travel manager Ko Min Htet for the kind services.... the highlights are very interesting and beautiful.....

Refer to U Again Ko Min Htet. Since I was in Vietnam with YOUR TRAVEL in October I like " Your Travel - Myanmar ". I could not criticize the hotel and transport quality...d and exceeds my expectations.tour leaders and guide have really come to my aid and have made it as pleasant as possible.I like my Vietnam and I am also glad that I did it with YOUR trip.

They are very friendly, tolerant and supportive. In November I was in Vietnam with YOUR TRAVEL on the road. GuideĀ Ko Yar Tsar Min is the way.... helps us.


Until now Myanmar has been my favorite Asian destination, because every place has been incredible! Dining is tasty (and cheap), humans friendly and supportive, and the churches are just astonishing. Burma is not on the lot of travelers' radar, but it should be! It should be on your travel list for 2018, from the temple field to the balancemen!

Contrary to many other Southeast Asian nations, you must obtain an e-visa before your arrival. Be sure to do this through the government's website to avoid over $30 (a traveler' s permit should be $50 ) and just fill out the paperwork they are sending you, it won't be enough to show it to you on your mobile to use.

The recent opening of Myanmar's border means that tourist infrastructure is not yet too advanced. When planning a trip through Myanmar, you can take the coach, but there are a few things you need to consider: Some of the busses entering and leaving Ngapali seem to run carelessly quickly along the curvy hill streets and you will quite literally jump out of your seats while the nearby people puke (I had a good and a poor experience).

I' m often using to make my coach trip through Asia and this will work for the most important Myanmar cities. They can also travel through most hotel and guesthouse bookings. While the only issue with domestic air travel is the additional costs, it will depend on your budgets and timeframes.

Burma is much more religious than Thailand, and both sexes are believed to wear their knee and shoulder covers when they visit a temple. In Myanmar, I was glad that all major touristic destinations have ATM machines, so you don't have to worry about taking them out. Myanmar's budget was actually more than I thought.

Running through the Swedish Dragon Necklace at dawn while the young friars were singing their prayer was simply the most breathtaking and spiritually intense one. You open from 04:00 - 22:00 and the entry is 10000 Kyat (8$). I' d suggest leaving at dawn or dusk. After visiting innumerable Asian monasteries, I assumed that it was not possible to go into a cloakroom.

You can admire the elaborately carved Botahtaung page from the inside! A stroll around the fractured promenades of Kandawgyi-lakes. You can visit the Swedish Dragon Necklace and another imposing gold gorge! In order to visit the "Bagan Archaeological Zone" you have to prepay an entry charge of 25.000 Kyat, which gives you 5 day entry to the area.

The sunrises I liked in Myanmar (and there were many) were over Bagan. Shortly after dawn, a cargo of warm bubbles are floating across the thousand sanctuaries around Bagan, and it's such a magic place! In Myanmar, Bagan is an antique town, the capitol of the pagan kingdom from the ninth to the thirteenth century.

More than 10,000 buddhistic shrines, palagodas and convents were built on the Bagan plain at the level of the empire between the eleventh and thirteenth century, of which you will find the remnants of over 2,200 today! That much to investigate to your heart's desire! Like in Bagan you have to prepay an entry charge of 13,500 Kyat to enter Inle Lake, this card is 5-day.

Nyaung Shwe in the northern part of lakeland is the most visited place to be. You can take a trip to the lakeside by ferry or rent bicycles from here. And the best and only way to see the beautiful scenery is by sea. Surrounding the pond is an area of corn and gras, so you can't see anything from the roads.

It is one of the most important and favourite places for visitors to come to Lake Inle. You' ll need to rent a yacht to see them, or you can include it in your itinerary. When the sun went down I went out in a small sailboat to have a good time with the bright yellow moon. They are also busy at dawn if you want to awake early.

For trekkers, you should definitely consider a hike from Kalaw to Inle Sea. Mandalay is a much more advanced town than Yangon and has much to do in and around its vicinity. It' s length and uniqueness make it a top location in Mandalay. Set off for dawn and savour the beauty of the sun as you watch the natives in their everyday life.

Approximately one and a half hours from Mandalay lies the lovely Hsinbyume Myatheintan Cave. It has a whitish painting and is based on the Buddhistic mythology of Mount Meru. Even if the journey to Mingun can be a little expensive, the entry to the sanctuary is free!

They can also combine this journey with observing the sun set at U Bein Bridges when it is on its way back to Mandalay. Enjoy the view of Mandalay from the top of Mandalay Mountain. Near Yadanabon San Kyaung there are stairs leading from church to church. You have to go barefooted, similar to the way you enter buddhistic churches.

Glittering Su Taung Pyae Pagoda on the top of Mandalay Mountain is well deserved to be climbed. And pan-aromic opinions of Mandalay. Myanmar's last reigning kings ordered the construction of this shrine to accommodate large plates of sandstone with buddhistic doctrines so that the scripture would not be written on old papers.

It took 8 years for the 729 plates of stone and are kept in a shrine, making this place the biggest of all!

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