York Chocolate

Yorks Chocolate

Explore the stories behind the biggest names in chocolate on our fully guided, interactive tour. A journey through the city where chocolate made history. Take this chocolaty tour of York and discover why it retains its title as the home of chocolate. York's Chocolate Story for Parents, with details on family facilities, online resources and links to topics discussed in the classroom. It is a film showing the workers at the Rowntree factory in York.

The Chocolate Path

Whilst other towns in the north made their riches out of yarn, fabric and iron, York went his own way and constructed a town out of candy! It' s streams introduced the essential substances, while the railroads were transporting the end product across the land at high speeds. Rowntrees made KitKat, Smarties and Aero, while Terry's came up with the Orange and All Gold collections and Craven's were known for their French almonds and Mary Ann Toffees.

Those are inseparable from York's economic and environmental evolution. Recently the 250th anniversary of the famous pastry chef Terry's was celebreted. Today, this saccharine heritage is continued with delicacies that range from hobbugs to city-made chocolates, while keeping an important part of York's past, present and futur.

The York Chocolate Tour - See your town

Is there a better place to go on a mouth-watering trip than the home of chocolate....York! Things you can count on from your tour: Exit this trip with all the kind of candy you could wish for. We' re talkin' about everything from icecream and cups to soups, Martini's and more!

Call to all connoisseurs of chocolates! Discover the subtleties of tastings and storage of chocolates on this tasty introductory course to the town' s rich cuisine. This is the ideal trip for every connoisseur of chocolates! Next station: The York Railway Stop is the next train stop to the starting and finishing point. All weathers: restrictions: This is a hike that takes place in all weathers, so we recommend wearing hot clothing and wearing comfort boots!

A day trip with the children

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