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Yorks Chocolate

Make a delicious journey through the history of chocolate and confectionery in York. York's Chocolate Story is a visitor attraction and a chocolate museum in York. York's Chocolate Story, York, United Kingdom. Celebrate with us the chocolate history of York. Discover the stories behind the biggest names in chocolate and the secrets of chocolate making at York's Chocolate Story.

Yorks Chocolate History - Museum in York, York

York's Chocolate Story, situated in the centre of York, is an amusing and educational guide through the story of the most celebrated chocolate making family and their best work. You' ll find out the origin of chocolate, how it is made, how it tastes like an artisan and even the lasting nature of chocolate.

Explore lots of amazing mysteries and intriguing facts behind York's biggest chocolate product range, from the Chocolate Orange to the world-famous Kit Cat. If you have studied chocolate making and its story, you can even go shopping and enjoying chocolate to your heart's desire. There' so much to savour and explore at York's Chocolate Story in the British home of chocolate!

Make and decorate chocolate lollipops! Experience the mysteries of the chocolate maker and make your own chocolate bars to take home with you. In our new chocolate kitchen you will also see a presentation of our experienced chocolate makers. York's Chocolate Story also offers a range of home rental facilities, such as the famous Chocolate Masterclass Pack, ideal for stag nights, employee incentives and company group after-work.

The York train stop is a half a mile away.

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York's Chocolate Story - Homepage

I had a great time today at the Chocolate Story. Later in the morning we agreed to do the Easter egg hunting and the visit to the museums. It was very interesting and interesting for both kids and grown-ups. It' been great to try chocolate at different phases of the production chain until the final delicious one.

Becky, who was very knowledgeable, was our travel leader. It was kind and instructive and interacted well with the "characters from the story" that appear on the road. It took about an hours and a half and we came out with our own chocolate lollipop. Later we returned to the Easter eggs search, but chose to come there early so that we could eat some cakes in the café.

I' d definitely suggest the chocolate oranges. Easter egg hunting was a lot of laughs. They were really good at playing the game, making the game funny and interacting with the kids. When I was an adulthood I was just envious of the amount of chocolate the kids got on the game!

In any case we would suggest a stay and will come back, especially at Easter! Today we went to see my chocolaty son's birth day. Robbie, our friendly and competent travel companion, was always ready to help you get the most out of the trip. We' had lots of Sam....ples, some more enjoyable than others and the possibility to make our own chocolate candies.

I would suggest reducing the number of persons on each trip a little because it feels a little tight to collect around the items. I think we really loved the trip and Robbie's thrill. We' ve learned a great deal and would suggest it to all our fans to visit York, it's certainly not to be overlooked?

We' still have our chocolate lollipops, but how long am I not sure? Tom, our leader, was really good - very well-informed and accessible. We had a lot of chocolate to sample and it was for the whole team. Many examples and again a great game! We had such an expert Lee and we really loved the trip (& the chocolate ? of course).

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