Yoma Express

The Yoma Express

Coming from Yangon you can take Yoma Zarni, Yoma Swaninn, Toe Yadanar, King Star Express buses to Sittwe. ! YOMA EXPRESS (EXT. 326) (YGN-PYAY) (Myanmar) The YOMA EXPRESS (EXT. 326) (YGN-PYAY) is in Room 15 Shed (E) Aung Mingalar Highway Station North Okkalapa Tsp Yangon, Myanmar.

It is active in the transport sector. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures. PUTTING EXPRESS LTD.

Tracts Pesahim and Yoma

The Talmud of Jerusalem contains the 4th and 5th treatises of the Second Order. The Pesahim establishes the provisions relating to the Passover; Yoma draws up the provisions relating to Yom Kippur, in particular the Kohen Gadol and the order of his work. Tracts are vocalised according to the Hebrew rabbinic language with an interpretation ineseen as follows.

These are presented with full use of the Genizah text and with a detailed explanation of the rabbinical context necessary for comprehension of the text.

The ethics of divine command: The Perspectives of Jews and Christians - Michael J. Harris

It is the main goal of this volume to try to determine the reaction of the classical writings of the Jews to the infamous predicament in Plato's Euthyphro: It is argued that the image that comes out of Hebrew writings is much more complicated and subtle than most modern Hebrew philosophy would admit.

Whilst it provides a detailed debate on the viewpoint of the Judaic traditions on the ethic of God's commands, this publication evolves a view that differs from and criticizes other viewpoints that have recently been further developed in Judaic science. Simultaneously, the volume offers a well-founded review of some aspects of Christ's commandment ethic.

It discusses pertinent Bible, rabbinical and later on, Hebrew writings as well as some of the pertinent opinions represented in philosophy, as well as in Judaism and Christ.

Arrival by aeroplane

It was hard to get to this area about ten years ago, but you can easy go to Mrauk-U now. Yangon has regular departures to Sittway, the capitol of the state of Rakhine. You can take a Kaladan River cruise from Sittway to Mrauk-U and then head to some of its tributaries.

Mrauk-U is located at Thinghanadi Crèek, only 45 nautical mile from Sittway and the water. In Yangon and Sittway there are tour operators offering trips to Mrauk-U and its surroundings. Express busses from Thar Yar or Mingalar are available. Rakhine State has many coaches.

Coming from Yangon you can take Yoma Zarni, Yoma Swaninn, Toe Yadanar, King Star Express to Sittwe. If you drive through the Ann Valley, you can land at Mrauk U on the way to Sittwe. Coming from Yangon you can take Ann Yoma, Yoma Thitsar, Thukhitar, Ye Aunglan, Toe Yadanar, Dwarawaddy, Man Thitsar, Kyan Taing Aung, Aung Thitsar, Anauk Yoma, Yoma Zarni from the express dock.

You can drive past Mrauk U on the Yangon - Taung Goat street. You can take the five-star MV Harkhar, MV Myitkyinar and MV Taunggyi to Sittwe. From Sittwe you can then hire a vehicle or take a coach to Mrauk U. If you go to Taung Goat and then back to Mrauk U, you have to take a ferry from Sittwe to Taung Goat.

Boat trips to Sittwe include ferryboats from Inn Pauk Wa Company, Maykha Maylikha Express cruise ships and other domestic and international cruise ships. You can hire a vehicle from Sittwe or take a coach to Mrauk U. There are day trips from Sittwe to Mrauk U. By Malikha Express and other personal-boat.

From Yangon to Mrauk-U you can rent a vehicle through your local agency.

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