Yoe Express

The Yoe Express

Xpress Yoe - 12 pictures & 20 votes - Simplified Chinese - 1919 28th Ave S, Birmingham, AL - Restaurant Ratings - Telephone number Three-star solidity is what Yoe Express deserves. I had a very good roast boiled roast meat, the flavour and savour. I' d normally have enough scraps of meal in other places to go at another point in my life, but not here. We had no TV or radio in the bar and when my date and I got there, just the workmen were still seated at the table sipping soda.

Not just it'' worth it for the amount of nutrition that is in exchange for the costs. You could call it a stewed steak. Thankfully, the paddy was working, so at least I had something on my dish. Mine go to bits are the turiyaki chickpea morsel, octopus, roasted red chickens and vonton noodles.

You even surprise me with free doughnuts when you serve my cakes. I' found this place in Homewood, why not? So I came in, ordered fast and had my lunch in about ten mins. I' ve also ordered roasted paddy. Shrimps were a good serving and the sake was the best part of the dish.

If I want to get my hands on a piece of China cooking, they give me an exact timeframe and order. I' m happy to order the spring roll, Rangoon crabs, roasted brown paddy fish and much more. The best Chinaman in Birmingham shames P.F. Chang's. Meals are always quick and crisp. When the Hoover Shop was open (and I was living on this side of town), I had some trouble with both the services and the meals the firm provided.

But on the other hand, I tried my best to order the shipment from the Homewood grocer. I had a great meal and my services went weird! You want good smorgasbord, I'd say try it. At 8 pm we ordered and thought that this would be enough to deliver the meal to our home before the place would close at 9 pm.

The call came back 15 mins later to ask for our bank account information, and the call came from an employee's number, who in turn said 30-45 mins. I was just before 9:00 and I phoned again and asked where our lunch was. 9:20 And our meal had not yet come, and I phoned every number that I could find, and was informed by an associate that the last order had expired more than half anhour before: and he said unto me, I have not come.

One of the other employees I talked to said that he has to wash the whole place himself, so he hasn't yet served our meals. 9:45 And the LORD that supplied it gave us $5 discount and a sack of doughnuts to forgive.

We had a nice meal, but it wasn't as bad as it should have been. It'?s not a good place to eat good old Chinaese. I' ll order mu thu pig meat and instead of thin sliced peanuts you give me a pair of Mexico pastries?!??!!?!?!! Lately, the services have been awful. The ordered articles (rice with starter, spring roll, etc.) were omitted several time.

Most of the time the meal stays the same, but it really stinks not getting everything you do. This meal is not good for the money you are paying. What I was looking for was fast and tasty khinese cuisine. Half of what it was. Did these folks ever taste good smorgasbord? The Yoe Xpress in Homewood is for a good cause: It is the only (to our knowledge) eatery that offers a supply system for China cuisine.

When you find the meals you like in the restaurants, you can rely on fairly solid variations of these meals that will be brought to your doorstep by a friendly host. All in all, the meal is quite good and the folks are cute. We' re glad that Yoe Xpress is serving Homewood. He was a genuine prick on the telephone - not surprisingly when this place tank - there are too many opportunities for good eating in Birmingham.

When I had completed and loaded it and didn't leave a tip, my bank account showed that a tip was on top of the bill. It' called Cinnamon. It' called Cinnamon.

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