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The sushi is based on the inspiration of genuine Japonese dishes that take their flavours directly from the Tokyo cuisine. Ranging from steamed trays with frame, ashimi, to cuddly rolls. Whichever your favourite is, you can always look forward to it at YO! Sushi. Featuring seven dish colours at seven prize points, all freshly made right in front of you from the best of the best and then on a conveyer for your own choice; it allows you to dine and they will make your dishes in the end YO!

Always sushi refreshing, funny and quick. Receive this special service - it's free! Please fill in your details below to take advantage of this special promotion. That'?s a third of your grocery bill. Can not be used in combination with other offerings. This special price is available for all USA YO! The sushi place. Deadline for this promotion is 14 days from the date of shipment.

The Sushi Manager's choice is definitive. E-mails are sent by Fishbowl on order of a restaurant.

YO! TRANSACTIONER OF transactioner of Sushi in Seattle, WA

25 per cent discount on the sushi voucher at Yo! ZĂșshi in Seattle, WA. Vouchers cannot be used in combination with other specials. Voucher invalid if changed. Yo-Zu-Shi Restaurants provides tasty food and take away to Seattle, WA. One of the cornerstones of the Seattle Municipality, our sushi place has been honored for its superior sushi cooking, superior customer care and welcoming people.

We offer our tasty Japonese meals to eat or take away, but not for shipment. So, why not try our meal voucher and start enjoying our tasty kitchen today! Samples of our MENURaw Nigiri, boiled nigiri, uncooked sushi roll, boiled sushi roll, vegetarian roll, sashimi, pot stickers, yakisoba, ramen, chicken teriyaki, gunkan, salads, desserts and more.

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