Ymca Yangon

Youca Yangon.

Consulting Center Yangon Myanmar Ymca, Yangon. Christian Association of Young Men[Yangon Y.M.C.A].

Okayinawa Guest House; Garden Guest House; Tokyo Guest House; YMCA Yangon. We are pleased to introduce Dr. Sonny Tha Nyan from Yangon! It was said the YMCA in Yangon is the only place to participate or even see a training session or a match.

Christian Association of Young Men[Yangon Y.M.C.A] (Myanmar)

The Young Men's Christian Association[Yangon Y.M.M.C.A] befindet sich in 263, Maha Bandoola Road, YMCA Bldg, Ward (9), BTHG, Myanmar. The enterprise works in the ranges within the ranges trainings, computer trainings, music, sport, Kosmetikprofis, nail and beauty trainings, health service, hotels, educational system. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.

Sa-ayar San Station, Bahan Town Ship.

Myanmar Hotel Booking Center 2017 - YMCA Guesthouse

  • YMCA Guesthouse, Yangon... Maharbandoola Rd ;(9)Qr,Botahtaung Tsp, Hotel Grand United ChinatownDescription : Cruise to Hotel Grand United Chinatown to discover the marvels of Yangon. There is a total bill for a reasonable accommodation at the hotel. The Grand United Chinatown Hotel will welcome and advise you. Bahosi HotelDescription:

Cruise to Hotel Bahosi to discover the miracles of Yangon. At the hotel we offer a top approved bank accounts and facilities for clothes for the sole needs of all people. Up-town hotel description: This 3-star uptown hotel has plenty of space and is within easy reach, whether you are in Yangon on your own or for an important year. The hotel has a range of accessoires and service that you must pay for an adequate night's rest.

Esta Description Hotel: The Hotel Esta is located in a quiet area in the popular city centre of Yangon.

Yangon South Asia Seminar, Myanmar February 2018 - World Federation of Methodist and Unifying Church Women

Spacious and friendly hospitableness were the hallmark of the meeting, which took place from 30 January to 5 February in Yangon, Myanmar, and culminated in an excursion to Upper Burma. This organizing team, comprising Area Officers, Unit Officers and former Area Officers, is to be praised for their painstaking plans, which have paid off so successfully.

The entire text was translated by Stanley, Margarette Mu Mu Mu Than, the President's Sr. The YMCA in Yangon was a large edifice with simple but very suitable equipment, a conference room and rooms for workshop and a banquet room with platform, perfect for social events.

Pampered with folk dancing from Myanmar and India, among them a young energetic young person's dancing and an unforgettable vocal and dancing act by two young Myanmar girls of 77 years of age. Before the seminar, the two Area Officers and Unit Presidents from Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka gathered with World Officers for the Weaving Together Program.

It was an occasion to develop closer relations throughout the region and to listen to the worries and problems facing each of them. This was also an occasion for the heads of units to learn more about the international movements to which they belong. We used a pool of resources known as Ketso to exchange our vision and thoughts, as we did at the World Executive in Chicago last March.

It began with a procession of bananas, preceding the World Federation Tree of Life ban, which was worn by the World President and World Secretary. We were greeted by Margarette Mu Mu Mu Than, Area President, who talked about the good experiences we had in planning the meeting with three different groups of girls from Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.

Executives from India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar lead periods of abandon. Luke 14:10ff, the tale of Jesus who healed the maimed wife, was spoken by Dr. Susan Thomas, Unit President of the Church of South India. Sri Lankan Sarojini talked about Luke 10 and the Good Samaritan allegory to describe how we can all get involved in neighbourhood action.

It gave an example from the service in Sri Lanka, where Christians are the connecting element between two ethnical groups, Tamils and Sinhalese. A series of informative workshop sessions on the Independent Church of Myanmar and the Women's Desire Campaign encouraged local girls to engage with the topic of home abuse, appreciate their body and learn self-defense skills to help shelter them.

World Officers and each unit provided invaluable information and inspirational input. I, as World President, have presented a detailed account of the World Federation's work. World Secretary Mataiva Robertson gave her own witness to her call to ministry and her experiences of being assisted by prayers through her recent sickness.

Rebekah Daniel, from India, had not received a Houston visas, but has since taken a course on inter-religious dialogue through a Bossey scholarship and now organizes inter-religious meetings herself. A Houston-based company called Ligia Istrate is now the publisher of the Tree of Life Newsletters.

HKMS 2011-2016, Naw Mu Gay is now ministering under the bishop programme in Lower Myanmar and helping wives and warriors. This Sri Lankan account describes how the All Island Women's Fellow promotes women's involvement in the lives of the churches and provides powerful assistance to the ministry, which addresses the issue of home abuse and livelihood deprivation and provides childcare.

Shilwiya Servand, President of the All India Women's Society, presented the Methodist India Methodist Party statement. Myanmar's Methodist churches are currently in three parts. Obermyanmar refers to the Methodist churches in Great Britain and Ireland as sister churches. Females act as a unit in Upper Burma.

Sub-Myanmar is connected to the UMC of America. Lately there's been a rift within this section of sub-Myanmar. After the seminar we were visited outside Yangon. First we went to a pisciculture project sponsored by the Catholic Reformed Society to create jobs and feed them.

One Methodist Yangon was our place for the final communion adoration, after which we took the coach for our excursion to Upper Burma and drove to Mandalay and the hill to Pyin Oo Lwin over night. We spent the night in a lodging and visited a Sunday breakfast in a small village chapel, visited a cave with Buddha sculptures, a botanic gardens and the Buddhist temple in Mandalay.

The encounter with the Myanmar countryside and the local civilization was unforgettable and thrilling. I' m very thankful for the chance to enjoy the enchanting warmth of the Methodists of Myanmar. You are not recognized as a citizen by the Myanmar administration and are formally stateless. Rohingya has been formally deleted from the dictionary of Myanmar.

Myanmar's citizens are afraid of reaction when they oppose this inequity. The World Commissioners of the World Alliance of Methodist and Unifying Church Women have sent a message to the Ambassador of Myanmar in London calling on Aung Saan Suu Kyi to order her administration to ensure that these Muslim Rohingya persons receive fair treatment, in accordance with the advice of the Kofi Annan committee.

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