Ylvis what the Fox say

Anything the Fox says

Questions and answers: The Fox' (Viral Stars) about their surprising success Friday mornings, the web got out of hand over the tape to a new track named "The Fox" by an unfamiliar (in the USA anyway) Norveg... Which noise does a fox make? The Ylvis are actually the Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker brother, a funny duet with a favourite nightly chat show on TV in Norway and a call to include funny musical clips in their guests' testimonies and skits.

"It will be interesting what happens when "The Fox" is available on Monday on A-tunes. This was for our talkshow that started Tuesday.

Besides, we haven't even thought about it, it's really weird. The thing that amazed me most was that even the very first commentaries on YouTube were "This one is going to go viral", "This is the new Gangam Style". Where' d'you get the inspiration for the track? So the way we work is that we just sitting around talking about everything and getting a few notices.

We must have talked about what a noise the Fox makes. Then we had the opportunity to work with Stargate, a New York City-based manufacturing firm that produces for Beyonce and Rihanna - they are Norwegian, but located in the USA. In fact, we did them a favour and asked them if they could make a track for us for next year.

So what was the favour? We' re making a tape for one of the boys at his anniversary celebration. So, when the arranged, we began to argue what to do with this type of output value. Since we are entertainers and what we do is funny, we didn't want to try to make a song with such a producing group.

Thought, hey, we had this old thought about the Fox sounds, because nobody really knows. You' re talking about your TV show because we can't get it here. It' a nightly chat show, two lessons a day. It''Tonight with Ylvis'', but in Norwegian. It' like a normal chat show, but in additon to the guest and we make three or four video clips per year.

Do you get an offer to do something you didn't anticipate? We get drastic deals. And, of course, I could be dreaming about it somewhere inside, but it's just so weird waking up all of a sudden and getting these up. It' s kind of a mix, because in one way we have to take that edge and that chance and we have to do something about it, because that's what we do, we make musical video and it would be great to do something out there.

Simultaneously we have this nice little show we have to do and loved, and the next few month are really weird, we have the opening on Tuesday, and usually we go into a weird state of work 24 hrs a night for three MONTH. So, we're not quite sure what to do.

But, you know, this deal is what it is, when the lift comes up, it has to come down sometime. Is it the intention to publish the track as a singles? However, the public always asks if they can get the track, so we do that with our music.

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