Ylvis the Fox Live

Ilvis the Fox Live

Ilvis Unleash'The Fox' live on the Ellen Show. Ylvis, by Viral Sensation'The Fox,' Lands Major Label Deal before US live début YouTube Norway's sensational signed to Warner Group and will perform at the Las Vegas based International HeartRadio Market. Ylvis, the Norway based cabaret couple, made their live début at the IMeartRadio in Las Vegas on Friday, September 20. In the MGM Grand Arena, the two musical Brother Vegard and Bard Ylvisaaker played their YouTube song "The Fox" between the Chris Brown and Katy Perry set and wore the typical squirrels and fox outfits from their musical clip, which has become virtual in the last few days and has achieved around 43 million songs so far.

"We' re renting the costume from the Norwegian Film Institute," Vegard told us during a meeting with The Hollywood Reporters on the Ylvis back-stage trailers on HeartRadio. Check out Ylvis' HeartRadio performance: Warner Music also acknowledged their commitment to a global agreement after the track's hit.

At the moment, the record company is advertising the singles, which are directed by the production group Stargate from Norway, among the top 40 in the USA. And, perhaps in a first presentation of the recently announcement of the cooperation with the wireless giants Clear Channel, Ylvis won a place on the sought-after bill just a few days before the launch on Friday.

She and her couple flown from Los Angeles to Vegas on Friday after a performance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. At the moment this means to record more tracks from their show, both in English and Swedish, and to fly back to Norway for the third installment of the show, which will last until mid-November. Featuring exlusive behind the scenes videos:

CLOCK:: And Ylvis apporte "The Fox" zu "Late Nights with Jimmy Fallon".

He greeted the Norway based theatre group Ylvis on scene to play their song "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" with the help of Theoots. Ylvis, made up of the Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker brethren, became an online superstar in September when they published a YouTube movie that inspired audiences around the world to wonder what a fox makes.

Both in the film and in last night's show they dressed up like chestnuts, singing and dancing together with a multitude of other creatures such as a steed, an bull and a seabird. Fallton and the soot even came on scene and put on their own fox outfits as they were joining the band on set.

Although the couple has been a well-known Norwegian act since 2000, it was "The Fox" that made them internationally known. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" has over 100 million viewpoints on YouTube. On Friday the Brethren will take their fox uniforms to Rockefeller Plaza when they play their song on Today.

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