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Yenangyaung Degree College (Burmese: ?????

???????????????????) is a college in Yenangyaung, Magway Region, Myanmar. Articles about YENANGYAUNG DEGREE COLLEGE. Yenangyaung Degree College (Burmese: ????????????????????????) is a college in Yenangyaung, Magway Region, Myanmar. " Yenangyaung Degree College," needs your answer. The fourth largest city in the Magway Division.

Graduate Yenangyaung

The Regional College of Yenangyaung was established on 23 May 1977. Yenangyaung College in 1980. Yenangyaung Degree College on June 26, 2002. Linked sites are provided by When the reader clicks on these hyperlinks, both the site that displays the link and the site that displays it may be remunerated.

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Graduate Yenangyaung

When you have completed Yenangyaung Degree College, Burma, please let us know what you think are the best Yenangyaung Degree College classes and the actual tuition/fee. Is there anything else a future Yenangyaung Degree College graduate would like to know? Guest, if you know something about Yenangyaung Degree College under Jobs, Careers & Education, then you can be the first to answer the Yenangyaung Degree College!

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Students walk hits Yenangyaung with community assistance

On Monday mornings, the protests against the controversial National Education Law continue their parade from Yenangyaung to Magway. On the way to the Magway Region entry, Yenangyaung Technology University and Yenangyaung Degree College were among the participants of the parade. Saw Htun Oo, the Magway Township's trustee, said to campus leader that the walk was in breach of the Peaceful Assembly and Procedure Act.

Yenangyaung, the disciples honored a sculpture of General Aung San and observed a minute's silence in memory of the deceased victims of martyrdom. Afterwards, the demonstrators went to Yenangyaung Technology University with the approval of officials to hand out pamphlets on the national educational legislation. Afterwards, the guides gave talks on the shortcomings of the educational legislation.

Next, the walk to Yenangyaung College attracted Kyaw Ko Ko Ko Ko, Yenangyaung College camp leadership, who gave a talk on the disputed educational bill. Aye Aye Thant said that the association of university teachers had been complaining about the educational legislation since the draft phase, but had not prevented it. After the Magway rally, the youths are planning to walk on to Yangon today.

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