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You Aung Facebook There is no man kicking the corpse, no sawdust, everyone can be loving and patient until the setting light and that is all out there. Facebook vote? Still not quite But can new technologies change Myanmar - but can they also influence the November 8 elections? Whilst some of the country's electoral contestants have made Facebook their panel, the still small number of Myanmar's citizens on the Myanmar community - valued at just under 10 per cent of the populace - means that only so many "friends" can be made by political leaders.

However, the range of campaigns on Facebook is currently restricted. Although many of those who receive new smart card information use it, not everyone is - and then not all who connect to the web use it. Myanmar ICT for Development (MIDO) estimates the number of users of Facebook, by far the most preferred online community, at 6 million.

However, these are mostly located in metropolitan areas, so the SMP is potentially useful for city-based coaches. According to Ko Chamtha Kyaw, Managing Partner of the Pandita Development Institute, the importance of Facebook as a marketing instrument strongly rests with the applicant. Politicians who run for a place in an area of the cities benefit more than politicians who hope to gain a green area.

It is not only people who want to use new technical possibilities for the elections. The Pandita Facebook website was created to encourage Myanmar's young people to drop out and cast their votes. However, the organization's campaign director, Ko Phyo Tin Oo, said he did not believe that the results of the elections could be influenced by a number of Facebook user groups that are small in comparison to the country's people.

"He said most folks don't use Facebook. This doubt about coverage and impact has not prevented some of our contestants from using Facebook. In August, Parliament's President Thura U Shwe Mann used the website to reassure the public that he was back at his office after a nightly dismissal as chairman of the Union Solidarity and Development Party.

Facebook's news feed, Facebook readers may even come across a sponsorship from the parliament's spokeswoman. Its more than 182,000 supporters and censuses can't compete with the on-line help behind Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, whose site has over 1. Three million humans. The NLD also mistrusts the non-filtered commitment to the site - so worried that it has previously forbidden its candidate to talk to the press or to post on Facebook.

However, it can also put them at risk of misuse - something the USDP lower chamber nominee U Ye Aung is afraid of.

Certain electoral nominees have more exposure to corporate publishing than others. The Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNDP) MP U Ye Tun, who is reoccupying his lower-class Hsipaw residence, said he has been using it for years to get through to the press. However, the plattform is not perfect for a discussion, he admitted.

"If we quarrel about federation, for example, I cannot tell everything about society.

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