Ye Aung

Aung Ye

Sherry Ye Aung's scientific contributions during collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (and other locations). Dr. Ye Aung, MD is an internist at French Camp, CA. Dr. Ye Aung is a pediatrician in Brooklyn, New York and is affiliated with the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Health Care System.

Dr. Ye Aung, MD is a certified internist at French Camp, California.

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Minister of the Union Lt-Gen Ye Aung to meet Chinese Foreign Minister

Lieutenant-General Ye Aung invited the Chinese authorities to travel to China and meet with Mr Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China, in the Foreign Ministry in Beijing on Wednesday mornings.

The topics of discussion at the conference were freedom and stable and socio-economic developments of the inhabitants of the frontier area, the evolution of the humanitarian capabilities of the ethnical population in the frontier area, China's co-operation in the process of Myanmar's reconstruction and the work of the Myanmar government with regard to the evolution of the state of Rakhine, long-term peacefulness and stableness.

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