Ycdc Yangon

Ydc Yangon

The Yangon City Development Committee is the administrative body of Yangon, the largest city and former capital of Myanmar (Burma). The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) is the administrative body of Yangon, the largest city and former capital of Myanmar (Burma). The Yangon City Development Committee (Y.C.D.

C.) is under the control of the regional government of Yangon.


YCDC is in charge of the city: YCDC was organised in 2003 to deliver e-government for YangonC. Key objectives of the city's e-government programme are simple accessibility between the federal authorities and the city's residents via the web, reduction of waste management, reduction of the city's urban budgets, construction of the fibre ring, early provision of information, storage of official information and development and expansion of the G2G, G2C, G2B and G2E programmes.

The eGovernment Administration Committee and the eGovernment Processing Committee shared eGovernment responsibilities in January 2013. Its eGovernment Administrative Committee is made up of the Mayor of Yangon City as patron, the secretary of the YCDC as chairman and the other 20 heads of department. In the eGovernment working group, the chairman is the director of the Public Relations and Information Department.

The Yangon City Development Committee - Department of Environmental Protection and Cleaning

The Yangon City Development Committee (Y.C.D.C.) is under the supervision of the regional government of Yangon. The Y.C.D.C. has 22 divisions. One of the 22 divisions is the Y.C.D.C. Polution Management and Cleaning Department. Division has two major services that are cleaning and contamination inspection on the floor. There are ( (38) officer, (1040) employee and (3740) based on the organigram.

The division's entire activity is as follows:

The YCDC is investigating long construction holdups in Yangon

  • YCDC investigates long delay in the building of homes in the Yangon area and the causes of inappropriate delay, said Yangon Mayor U Maung Maung Soe on Monday in the Parliament of Yangon. Mingalar Taung Nyunt's deputy U Yan Aung said the building of many regional facilities was postponed for several years.

It added that suspending building projects should cloud Yangon's town planning and YCDC should look into the issue by requesting a Yangon local authority managment scheme. "I' ve found that the building of many structures has been abandoned for many years. I' d like the owner or building company to complete these structures as soon as possible," said U Yan Aung.

In Pazundaung, for example, a large building site has been underway for 10 years, and many other structures are in the same area. "but they' re not ready yet. Constructed once, these structures will add to the city' s cityscape.

I' d like to know from the relevant division what is the plan for the completion of these buildings," said U Yan Aung. Pazundaung Town Hall, as already mentioned, is a YCDC-Mizima project that began in 2003. It was, however, halted soon after the start of work. "In the case of this edifice, we have noticed that the builders have put a temporary halt to the work for various reason.

In 2015, they again requested the erection of an eight-storey structure. We will look for ways to finish the project," said U Maung Maung Soe. Yan Aung added that another house near the U Wisara district in the town of Ahlone was long overdue.

The YCDC approves works in 2013, and the structure is scheduled to have nine floors with two basement floors. "Once they had requested the planning permission, they were unable to finish the project within the one-year deadline and requested an extension that had been authorized by YCDC. It was a project of the Urban and Housing Department and Dagon International Company.

We' ve found the building's been abandoned for the last eight month. They are redesigning the internal structures, and once they have been approved, they are starting to build again," said U Maung Maung Soe. YCDC also commissioned the Department of Urban and Housing Development to monitor the works to make sure the structures were finished as quickly as possible.

"I understand the authorities have closed down some houses that would have damaged the cityscape by hiding other outbuildings. I' d like the goverment to publish laws and guidelines for the erection of houses so that the owner can finish them as soon as possible," said U Yan Aung.

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