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The Yangon City Development Committee announced that it plans to build an affordable housing project in North Dagon Township. The Yangon City Development Committee capacity building project. Customer Project Profile: Y.C.D.

C (Yangon City Development Committee) Pile Type: Micropiling Location: Tarmwe Non Revenue Water Management Project.

The YCDC is announcing an affordable project for accommodation

The Yangon City in North Dagon is one of the largest cities in the world, and Yangon City Investment Committee last weekend said it plans to construct an accessible residential project in North Dagon Town. This 114-hectare facility is being constructed on Bo Ba Htoo Street in the North Dagon township's forty-eightth district, YCDC reported in the New Light of Myanmar on October 31.

It states: "recreation centres, play areas, parks, supermarkets, mini-markets and well-ventilated and illuminated apartments" and flats are for sale to the general population at a "fair price", although they have not been published. It invited interested tenderers and banks to get in touch with YCDC by 7 November at the latest and a formal presentation session to present the project will be organised at the Town Hall at 8.00 on 14 November.


The Tarmwe non-profit project will enhance the performance of the Yangon City Tarmweownship' Tarmwe River Basin by significantly mitigating both land and trade wastage. A minimum of 200,000 inhabitants of the Tarmwe community will have a better system of drinking and about 50,000 m3/year of fresh air will be used.

The project operator is hereinafter called an " advisor ". a) Acquisition and setup of surveillance instruments and devices. YCDC will receive YCDC's engineering support for the implementation of a complete measuring system in the municipality of Tarmwe. In collaboration with YCDC, the advisor will upgrade and finalise the existing measuring system configuration, as well as providing and setting up the necessary hardware.

This advisor will assist the YCDC's YCDC Technology Department (Water and Sanitation) in creating a "Non-Revenue Ball Joint Venture Business Development Center (NRW Unit)" and the Department of Client Management. c) scale-up of the non-revenue management model.

Together with the NRW unit, the advisor will draw up a comprehensive blueprint for reducing the consumption of drinking and waste waters throughout Yangon City and suggest the necessary instruments for achieving this. The counsellor shall render the service by a local continuous specialist who may be assisted by short-term operational missions. Therefore, it is necessary to have expertise in the following areas:

North Rhine-Westphalia mitigation; supply and monitoring of waterworks. Project runtime should not be longer than 18 month. After the tendering procedure has been completed, a agreement will be concluded between the winning tenderer and YCDC. i) The contractor shall prove his qualifications in the performance of all duties necessary for the implementation of the project to reduce the consumption of drinking waters.

The advisor must also prove that he has extensive experiences in supporting the municipalities responsible for managing NRW's public utilities in towns such as Yangon. In the case of a project, the prospective tenderer is to maximise the use of his or her own capabilities for the project execution.

Foreign advisers must have taken all necessary measures or, if chosen, be prepared to abide by Myanmar law in order to work and deploy locally based capabilities in Myanmar. v ) Consultants should be privately owned companies that (i) have extensive expertise in the field of waste and wastewater treatment; (ii) have administered and purchased similar agreements over the last five years.

Seven Appropriate advisers are welcome to show their interest in the provision of the service. Companies must provide the information and documents that (i) they are entitled to provide the service and (ii) they have the necessary skills. The selection of advisors follows the Agence Française de Développement rules.

The assessment of the expression of interest takes into account the professional expertise of the advisors, the qualification and the level of expertise of the employees suggested for the mission. We only consider advisors with demonstrated expertise, outstanding record of success in similar tasks and the ability to work on the Tarmwe Non-Sales Forecast.

Once the expressions of interest have been examined, a selection list (with a limit of six (6) consultants) is drawn up and the advisers on the list are asked to send their suggestions in an inviting document with special tasks. If you are interested, you will receive further information by e-mail at the following e-mail adress.

Commendations of interest must be sent before 12 November 2017, 12:00 noon hours to the other two adresses ( "AFD", donor) by means of e-mail to the following address (YCDC, project owner): Do advisors have to file resumes from skilled staff at this point in the process, or is a spreadsheet with their qualifications and experiences sufficient?

In this phase, the advisors can either send in resumes or spreadsheet entries. In the EoI phase, are advisors obliged to subscribe to the "Declaration of Integrity, Aptitude and Social and Environmental Responsibility"? In this phase, the advisors do not have to make a "Declaration of Integrity, Aptitude and Social and Environmental Responsibility".

Will this mean that we can send the EOI by e-mail (the EOI document attached)? Yes, advisors can send in the EOI along with their dossiers until the overall filesize is no larger than 25 megabytes; and if the overall filesize is larger than 25 megabytes, please release your data on any platforms, up to and including Google Drive.

Advisors must, however, take full accountability for ensuring that both YCDC and AFD get the EOI. Can you provide us with all the information on this project and the EOI submission requirements? The information required for this phase has already been included in the EOI enquiry published on the YCDC website and the AFD website.

Currently, we cannot make any further documents available in this phase of the request for EoI.

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