Yatanarpon Teleport Internet Service Provider

Xatanarpon Teleport Internet Service Provider

Background - Metro(DIA) - Business Broadband - Corporate - Data Center Services - Information Security Services - Our customer Yatanarpon Teleport, Internet Service Provider is an Internet Service Provider operating in Myanmar. Web sites hosted by Yatanarpon Teleport, Internet Service Provider. Xatanarpon Teleport Public Company Limited, Yangon. Internet Servcie Provider connection speed test, average speed, maximum speed & bandwidth speed test results. The Yatanarpon Teleport has a technically developed and comprehensive network for our customers from a comprehensive portfolio of voice, Internet and data services.

Who we are | Yatanarpon Teleport

Our fibre optics based wideband transmission can transmit large amounts of information at up to 100 Mbps. We are currently the biggest provider of wireline Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the wideband service sector and the biggest non-Telco ispo in the state. We have always been committed to providing our clients with the best, and our mission is to deliver every home experience of world-class Internet service.

Xatanarpon Teleport, Internet Service Provider Speed Test

The Yatanarpon Teleport, Internet Service Provider is an Internet Service Provider operating in Myanmar. It currently occupies 9th place out of 15 suppliers in Myanmar. Internet is available in Mandalay and other Myanmar towns. It will be downloaded, uploaded and tested on your nearest local servers.

Yatanararpon Teleport connects its local data access network in Myanmar with Epsilon

Epsilon, a private company, and Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP), a leader in telecommunications in Myanmar, have signed an alliance for the provision of locally based wireless broadband internet service in the United States. In Myanmar, this deal will enable the provision of information systems for business premises and the establishment of links to domestic and overseas companies operating in the area.

Epsilon has been working with YTP for over a year and uses its range of advanced mixed switched partitions to link incoming phone numbers to Myanmar from anywhere in the hospital. For YTP, Epsilon runs an internatinal voicegateway that links YTP's clients with the whole globe. The YTP has its own nationwide satellites and Wi-Fi networks that provide networking such as Internet connectivity, information, voice and VPN to businesses in Myanmar.

The Epsilon Group runs the world's biggest Global Marketplace with more than 500 affiliated carriers. The company uses these grids to develop tailor-made service provider software worldwide. It is a carrier-neutral provider of infrastructures, operating and procuring top-quality grids and in more than 170 different markets, and building networking software for domestic, local and multinational communication enterprises.

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