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I' d come here in the hope of a permanent place in the neighbourhood, but that was the next plain to the next one, similar to the places further souther. I' m just very nervous that I don't need a train ride to meet my aspirations for sustained-hi. All of us have chosen the sophisticated game. Enjoy your sight at the freshwater pearls that they presented:

I' ve numbered two different types of fish, one of them Tunas and the other of Solomon. We' ve also ordered two schools. I definitely have to come back to try the omacase, which is $50 for 12 slices. Tasty suspicion and nice people. Then we ordered doughnuts and shrimps, prawn carpura rolls, yam rolls and a soup rolls with avocados.

Seafood tastes crisp and full of butter. I mean, we were always eating it and we were really excited. The price is sensible and the quality of the seafood is very high. So I had the souji deluxe, which had a lot of your regular food, but also sean urquin, which was amazing. Although I'm not an authority, I'm a big admirer of the sashy mi.

Seafood was good and the texture was good, but the taste was flopy in comparison to what I had with previous pollack. I think our expectations were too high on the basis of the critics - it's good sushi, probably even more if you choose sandwiches. Concerning the sashimis, the fish alone wasn't really deserving of the frenzy.

So we longed for Sushi and Yasaka came on our quest, so we went to supper. It' so refreshing and so tasteful. This is an amazing place for a meal! Get your hand off one of the best UWS porn commercials for making usushi. I went with my mother today to her luncheon promotions, which they open at noon.

At 12 o'clock it wasn't too full, because they just opened their door, but later during midday it began to fill up, what is awaited for a Saturday afternoons. The Chirashi ashimi was very crisp. The salmon and salmon skins must be my favourite, and the tuna they serve a fat slice of it.

amago was fleecy and cute, which is a good palatine cleaner when you look at all the pelagic you get. Khirashi luncheon delicacy was 18 and included a misosoup and lettuce of gingerbread sauce. All in all quite valuable, considering how tasty and refreshing the ashimi was on the Sashashi. but Yasaka can help with that.

I have a friend who's a Sushi freak and he's giving this place his cachet. Again, not something every doughnut chef wears. Porridge was very cheap at $23 and great to part. Especially loves the fat tunas, leeches and loxes. We have ours with a scroll of shinko-jack.

It still worked when a computer cleaned up my gingerbread and whatabi, which I used as a palatine cleaner between the squash. It'?d have been better with one side of paddy to absorb the aromas. Monk Fischleber, Eluxe Delhi, Tunfisch Plain-Tartarroll.

The Deluxe Shihi came with Uni, +1 Con waitress was not very approachable at the beginning. We were almost 30 min. between the times when we had the starters ready and our Sushi showed up. Pisces were cut into slices, which was very frustrating. I found suspicion-ripe too tasteless. I found my place.

I was hesitant to look for a high-quality susphi commercial that would not blow up the bench and thank the lord for finding it. The one I selected was the aromatic role of smoked pollack (I forgot what my friend ordered for his role). So the nigiris taste refreshing and the serving for each one was quite big.

When I was a kid, I liked that the flavour of whatabi wasn't too intense - just powerful enough to remember that it was between seafood and paddy! Get your hand off my favourite spot to get sushi in town. Whenever my folks come, they ask if we can go to "this place for sushi". Whenever my boyfriends come to town and ask for advice, I always take up Yasaka Suzhi and I've never met anyone who said they didn't like it.

This is a very good place to buy good priced sustainhi, especially if you can make it for noon. The Miyabi luncheon comes for under $20 with 4 pcs susphi, 7 pcs ashimi, a bread from the breadcrumbs ( usually rather simple bread but still tasty!), broth and lettuce.

It' such an astonishing deal and it' s quite a long time to eat (my sister is having a hard time killing it because the catfish can be a bit fat). So she usually gets the boiled lunches, which are even less expensive. Your destination is usually the king salmon Teriyaki with misosoup and brown and white biscuits, brown lettuce, 2 pcs rumai and a role from the breadcrumbs.

Things are a little stronger for supper, but really not too low when you consider the general cost of the sushi. It was great to serve, as was the sushi! Extremely refreshing and melts in the palate! $50 buys you 12 susphi, a reel. I' d like this dish to contribute more to satisfying our appetite, but for the cost it was a fair amount for the qualitiy.

All in all - we came here for dinner one Tuesday afternoons and it was packed. They were of first-class workmanship, in terms of product value and in terms of product and product size. I' d definitely drop by here as a meeting place for some sushi every night I needed a fix. Pro - the value is difficult to be beaten for a $18 cherashi with 2 roasted gut of sirloin, tunnelfish, yellowtail, tamagos, normal smoked fish and a slice of prawns and a small eggplant, a small spoon of irka together with some pure algae lettuce, daicon stripes and a slice of stewed shiitake-mushrooms.

Sweet sorghum, that was great, Batman! A small private room with very inexpensive, high-quality suspicion music. $28 buys you a fucking Sushi party. Six nigiris, eight sashimis, six rolls of sushi and an alley-oy! Nevertheless, I really loved the susphi so much that I could have had another dish!

High-grade seafood, good ratio of paddy to beef. It' not your posh little moo-boo, but it's better than your neighbourhood. It only costs $50 for a 12-piece omacase and scroll. Home-made jenjushi' is more pricey than that, and that's better. One of the things that you can come to again and again to get your Sushi fix without breaching your account.

Yummmmm m came for luncheon with her friend this week-end. Amazing suspicion, especially her luncheon specialties. and the octopus starter, both great and delicious. In addition to the midday specialities there is lettuce and food noodles. Sitting at the tasty food counter, we saw the cooks make every order.

The rates are also very sensible, only $18 for a luncheon Shirashi dish. Pisces are cool, uni is so smooth. Yasaka Suzhi should be classified in two categories: Services 3 and Meals 4. All in all a sound susphi commercial. Seafood was really good and healthy for Zashimi and Sigiri.

And the only role that was really good was the tangy yellow tail. We had a sluggish and not very pleasant wait, but maybe it was the excess temperature in the place..... now that we're talking about it, maybe an AC update could make the place more comfy. Suzhi Yasaka is above-averagely creative, but will not abandon you in bankruptcy and remorse.

I would definitely come back to try more, the sushi/sashimi dining combinations are really great, high class dining! Both of us began with Misosoup, then I had the Miyabi dish while he ordered the Umi No Sachi ricebowl. When you are in the UWS and/or looking for a place to take care of someone, think of Yasaka Suzhi!

All of us have a variant of the Miyabi with a role of your choosing, naigiri and ashyimi. There was a very large proportion of catch (see enclosed photos)!

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