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Two high-capacity industrial diesel motors presented by Yanmar

These new 4TN101 and 4TN107 are Yanmar's latest additions to its range of diesels, putting the business at the centre of the high-performance diesels powertrain industry. In order to keep today's customer satisfied, industry and ship diesels must comply with stringent emissions standards in various industries while offering outstanding levels of consumption and overall efficiencies, as well as dependability and longevity.

For a long time, Yanmar has offered a broad product portfolio to satisfy the needs of its clients, and is continuing to do so with the two established motors. Born from Yanmar's legacy and extensive expertise in the development of advanced diesels and technologies, the 4TN101 and 4TN107 demonstrate the company's dedication to produce the best fuel-efficient diesels that the industry can.

As well as these new high-performance heavy-duty units, Yanmar will continued to provide premium packaged units that satisfy the needs of all our under 56 kW clients. Yanmar first succeeded in 1933 with the beginnings in 1912 in Osaka, Japan, to produce a small sized motor of handy dimensions.

Yanmar has further expanded its products, service and know-how in order to be able to offer complete plant engineering packages. Yanmar is a worldwide supplier of small and large motors, farm machines and plants, building machines, power supply units, ship outfitting, tool machines and parts.

Yanmar's commitment to "providing sustainability oriented towards customer needs, in terms of energy use, energy generation and nutrition, which enriches people's life for all our futures", on shore, at sea and in the cities, testifies to Yanmar's commitment to offer us a "sustainable future". QUELLE Yanmar Co Ltd.


Yanmar, established in 1912, succeeded in 1933 in developing the world's first small commercial small diesels outfit. "Liberate the peasants from their work", which created a new value to drastically reduce the weight of farming and put a hundred years of Yanmar at the cutting edge of agronomy. Innovations that enhance people's lifestyles.

That'?s the heart of Yanmar - his DC. We have expanded our operations from the agricultural sector to the marine, construction machinery and energy sectors and continue to do so worldwide. As Yanmar looks forward to our next millennium, he is poised to take the next leap onto the mantle. "TECHNOLOGY, SERVICE, HOSPITALITY".

Yanmar Hospitality offers you first-class technical know-how and a 360° all-round services philosophy: anticipate customers' needs and achieve top performance. An uninterrupted flow of stunning innovations to offer customers a solution that always exceeds their expectation and a full range of services that are one notch ahead of the game. It is the premium brand that Yanmar strives for with its solutioneering approach.

Our new global premonition will be communicated through our range of goods and service offerings, our activities and all the available mediums. For this purpose we have redesigned our corporate image. You know, Yanmar's conquering the international scene, braver than ever. The lifestyle of humans and their environmental impacts are changing worldwide.

Yanmar's businesses also have high expectations: we will react onshore, at sea and in the town. With a view to the challenge of the next 100 years, we will endeavour to increase the value of these businesses in order to enrich the life of tomorrow's world.

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