Yankin Township

Ayuntamiento Yankin

The Yankin Township is located in the north-central part of Yangon. **spspan class="mw-headline" id="EtymologieEtymologie[edit]>> The Yankin is a mixture of the upper and bourgeois spheres with a multi-ethnic nature. It has a large Tamil municipality and a large and diverse set of Hindoo sanctuaries (most of which are devoted to Kali and Ganesh), as well as a large China sanctuary known as Fushan Sanctuary, which is considered to be the biggest in Yangon.

Moekaung is the most important moekaung festival in the area, and the yearly Moekaung festival draws a number of visitors from all over the town. It was the seat of a number of ministries before being transferred to Naypyidaw in 2006. Myanmar's central bank, the Home Office, the Industry 1 Department, the Industry 2 Department, the Mining Department and the Forestry Department were located here.

The Yankin Apartments was part of one of the many U Nu Municipal Government's residential construction programmes.

Hotel Yangon in Yankin Township -- how uncomfortable - Myanmar Forum

We have a recommendation for a Yankin Township resort. Situated a little far from the town centre and the attractions, see below chart. It is an interesting town for walking, especially in the early hours of the day, but at any given moment it is great to enjoy the ambience and it is very simple to take a taxi to the places of interest.

So if you like to go to supper, near your hotels etc., ask for one in the center. It looks neat and new at a reasonable rate. We' d just have to take a taxi into town and stay there all afternoon without going back to the motel, right?

I' m in Yangon right now. It' s very warm and moist and exhausting and sweating to run through the city. Then we slowly went back to the motel to relax. Normally I like to go through big towns and often do it non-stop for ten hour, but it is not so simple here and to stay in the city all afternoon after a cab trip could be a real challange.

This would be a 40-minute stroll, so cabs are inexpensive, but still near the bus. I' m guessing the asset gets a larger share because he recommended the place to you. Attractive personnel, terrible motel with dirty rooms. Why are you connected to the ratings for a property with a different name and a different location than the one I am at?

Could you please clarify. Gypsyjaney: Which of the hotels were you in the one I was connected to or in the one connected to the Silver Swimmer? So, anyone, what kind of cab fare (cost and time) are we going to talk about for this part of downtown? When there is no road to the Shwe Dagon Pagoda, it is only 10 min by car.

The town centre is not more than 15 min by car. In case of taxis, (2500~ 3000) to the town centre, i.e. Bogyoke Market and/or Sule Pagode. The hotel was opened last year. However, I now see it is in Mayangon Township, so probably not the same as yours.

That kind of place that makes your mind go down. This is definitely not the same as another Yangon guesthouse, which is also promoted on the Internet and seems to have a similar adress.

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