Yankin Passport Office Phone number

Passport Office phone number

Watch what your friends are saying about Passport Office. Time to go to Yangon to visit the notorious passport office. Myanmar's best website On Sunday, on the occasion of the Gitameit music institute's fifteenth birthday, a Pwe Khinn Tha musical concerto was organised with Yangon based Yangon based student. Media quiz about the China TV show, which MRTV aired in cooperation with Guangxi People's Broadcasting Station, took place on Friday in Yangon.

There will be a show to show the long..... The MEDIATHE Thailand Traditional Performance Events, commemorating the 1970th birthday of Myanmar's political relationship, took place on Saturday evening at the National Theatre in Mandalay. MEDIA 62-year-old Filipino Bayanihan dance first came to Myanmar on Saturday evening at the National Theatre in Yangon.

On Saturday evening the MEDIAFund Rising Concerts for Seniors took place in the National Theatre in Yangon. COMPANY24 participants were chosen for Miss Universe Yangon 2018. They were chosen by invitation of enthusiastics from four Yangon region regions. High above the roads of Yangon you will find an haven of tranquility, a place of tranquility amidst the hectic pace of urbanity.

The 4th co-ordination meet for the film' productions of the Bogyoke Aung San and the second funding program for the film' s productions and screenings were at the Yangon National Theatre..... The MEDIAA press release crew with reports from regional and regional newspapers came to Sittwe, Rakhine State, on Monday night to discuss the Myanmar National Airline's activities.....

The BUSINESSAS TECHNOLOGY is beginning to build the way forward for the Myanmar community, thanks to the increasing use of smartphones, a fistful of young engineers have gathered in an appartment to create a place for.... The company will subsequently submit its proposals to the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) and the Government of the Union.

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population has not yet published an formal declaration stating a ruling of August 1 with the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism to change the practices of..... BUSINESS COURSE business course The US Dollar appreciated significantly to 1,570 Kyats against one US Dollars on Myanmar's home stock on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

The interest rates of 1,480 Kyat per US Dollars are fixed by the..... Businessessdomestic bullion has hit a all-time high of Ks961,300 per day on the 24th due to the strengthening of the US currency, the markets said. US Dollars have risen above Ks1.50..... The first Krispy Kreme store will open in September on the first storey of the Times Link Mall in Yangon, says Krispy Kreme Myanmar.

Through its Myanmar franchise, Krispy Kreme is one of the few..... The BUSINESS Ministry had begun to suspend the granting of re-export licences for sugars and heating oils following the strengthening of the dollar on 17 August. Business UAWEI Technologies Co. presents its practice of digitally transforming Myanmar at a meeting of the information and communication technologies of the China mega.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, BUSINESSMyanmar had made over US$ 1.4 million this financial year from April 1 to August 3 through CMP (cutting, manufacturing and packaging). Flood-like rains cause floods on Ygn Pyi RoadGENERALPYI- Due to deluge-like rains that occured in the community of Okhpo, Thayawaddy District, Bago (West), on August 28, the Yangon-Pyi Highway was flooded and also flooded into the.....

Maungdaw (Kanyin Tan -Myoma) fire in Maungdaw (Kanyin Tan -Myoma) village Taung General Fire erupted in Maungdaw (Kanyin Tan -Myoma) Tung vill. More than 63,000 displaced in the Bago area of southern Myanmar were displaced to 85 towns on Wednesday as waters flowed from a collapsing spillover at Swa Chaung Damm.

Swar Chaung collapses displaces more than 60,000 inhabitants in the BagoGENERAL regionThe Swar Chaung collapsed on 29 August, killing one inhabitant, missing six and displacing more than 60,000 people in Toungoo district, Bago region. A new Rakhine Board begins workGENERALEan impartial committee to examine allegations of violations of human freedoms in North Rakhine State begins its work today, amid an intergovernmental call for the persecution of....

The SNLD will run in the next by-electionGENERALMANDALAY-Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) will run in two electoral districts in the Mandalay region and the municipality of Lechar in the south of Shan State. Govt's top priority for Rakhine StateGENERALA: to restore Govt's top priority for the region. As the global fellowship continued to exert pressure on Myanmar over the Rakhine crisis, the agencies said they would bring peace, prosperity and prosperity to the region....

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