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Here's the zip code list for the Yangon Division. Forerunner known as Burma; YANGON Forerunner known as RANGOON.


Preferences, utilities and softwares that we suggest to use ftfzip in the right way are..... How does a zip have to do with the transmission or the generation of an e-mail advertising campaig? A Zip archives is nothing more than a package that is unpacked and processed by ftp zip to build and/or plan a marketing campaigns.

The ZIP archives may contain different filesets according to the size of the Uploads. Preferences. and Recipients. csv must adhere to this stringent nomenclature. Filenames are case-sensitive. Filenames other than Markup.htm, Recipients.csv and Settings. ×ml are not acceptable by the program and a validator bug is reported.

Preferences. contains @ml in csv file format: The type of operation FTPZIP performs on the ZIP file you submit. If FTPZIP is configured to Store, only one e-mail will be created without the need to import a receiver or schedule a mailing. It is a clear identification for the camp.

This value is loaded by ftfzip at each meeting to avoid accidentally two-uploads. The currently deployed is 0. 1, and it re-runs the XLMl validator. Note that this is not an optional box, the sending email must be authorized with your administrator to avoid any kind of spam-like activity.

Submitted by The e-mail addresses used when the subscribers respond to the campaigns they receive. Describes the date/time at which the ad campaigns will be sent. In case the clock is too near the actual hour, or already in the past, or is empty, the ad is sent immediately. Uploading many ZIPs with the same date and hour will run in tandem.

When uploading many ZIPs without a planned date, sending is sequential according to the order of data recognition. StringN6Time zoning is done for. If not specified, it will be used as the defaultstimezone.

The daylight savings is also taken into account for each area; the separator used in the Recipients.csv is used. is a pre-headerStringNTH, which is added to the e-mail header as a pre-header. The newsletter ID to be used for the outbound campaign is MessageIdIntN25MessageId; it is only considered for ActionType "send" if you have to resend the same news item and do not have to generate a new one every year.

33Cap Verde Standard Time(UTC-01:00) Cape Verde is. The web user can use the FtpZip-Js-Config to adjust all necessary features visual and get a finished Settings.xml-files. After downloading the zip attachment, unzip it to one of your own directories and start Index.html directly in your standard web browsers by double-clicking on it.

The" Header" section is the standard box that is shown when the html files are executed: Select the" Aktionstyp " and enter the clear and unambiguous source of your campaigns. In this area, you can enter the information about the promotion and the mailing address for the promotion. This section allows you to switch most of your extended preferences such as dynamical field, HTTP track, use of embededdings and more.

Click on the Get Preferences pushbutton. xml". When you run the page in an HTML5 enabled web page you will be prompted to load the setting. html files to your on-disk. This is the name of the e-mail program that uses fpzip to create the e-mail messages that will be sent. Please be aware that ftfzip does not validate the HTML mark-up itself.

It is up to the writer to ensure that the messages are encoded properly and displayed as anticipated in different e-mail client. Notice that in this example the source contains a picture that has been host in a remote location, so no picture is contained in the ZIP at all. Even though this example contains only one picture that has been host in remote mode, ftpzipp does support "locally defined" pictures.

This would make the mark-up look like this: The use of pictures in the ZIP files does not need any activated properties or preferences. Whichever picture you paste into the ZIP will be copied by FTPZIP and tried to refer to it in the HTML pick. There are as many additional dynamical boxes as your bank allows.

They can use any type of delimiter, but you must specify it in the appropriate preference options. ×ml-character ("separator"). When you set up your ZIP archives, always make sure that your ZIP archives are not password-protected or that FTPZIP cannot handle them and will certainly cause an fault.

This ZIP archives contains the obligatory Settings. htm, an picture and the attachments directory. Recipient. You do not need to enter CVS in this situation, since there is no recipient export request. The ZIP will also contain the recipient this year. This is because the entire mail processing requires a recipient directory to be imported and possibly sent.

Into Preferences. nml a listingId was declared, which does not correspond to a current ID. Node absent in the xml-file. Any of the keys in Preferences. omitted. Verify your preferences. Use the example on this page to make sure that no Xml key is missed. chars in the preferences. chars did not passed the validator test.

Use the example on this page to verify your preferences. Make sure that no xml key (or bracket) is absent. The ZIP files were not readable at all by FTP ZIP. Make sure that you have fully loaded the ZIP or that it is not damaged.

Exceptions were made where the enhancements specified in the configuration files were executed. No attachments were in the zip archive. The attachments were configured to truth in the settings. There was no attachments directory within the transmitted ZIPs. Given Campaign Code ( xyz) has already been used.

Retype the ad and make sure you have an unused'CampaignCode' in your preferences. nml-Datei. The CampaignCode value in the preferences. nml was already used in a former campaig. You will need to change your preferences. Please make sure that you have an idle promotion key. The datatypes are listet in section Preferences. um.

If an obligatory value is empty, the same fault signal is sent. Rework your preferences. Please review your preferences. nml and verify for incorrect datatypes. Rework your preferences. Please review your preferences. Make sure that you have entered the correctness. Therefore, you may receive the successful warning "CONTENT SUCCESSFULLY ELIVERED TO SERVER" because FTP has actually done its work successfully and will receive a subsequent alert such as :

Usually this type of bug is dropped in the recipient's CVS files when there is a formating issue. Otherwise, incorrect fields or names, or if you try to plan two batches simultaneously (or almost identically). The FTP Zip searches for each ZIP archives in the specified FTP directory.

Should the first processing failed, FTPZIP will terminate with an error and return to the session one hours later to finish the processing. Therefore, we suggest that you do not load more than one promotion until you are comfortable with this utility and its set-up. It is also better not to gamble with more than one promotion if you are too tight on the dates or if they have to begin too tight.

Where can I tell if a post was successfully generated? No matter what the outcome, each trial triggers a warning to the administrator group. In addition to the description of the real results, this mail usually contains the body ID (for both ActionTypes=="full" or ActionType=="newsletter") and the send ID only for ActionType =="full".

There are many on-line XML validator over the Internet: Please try to invalidate your preferences. Please use one of the following options: For the extended XSD validator you need the following associated XSD scheme definition:

While there is no limit to the number of attachments you can make to a particular ad campaigns, you must make sure that the total is less than 3 megabytes. If not, the system does not process the data and you receive a notification of an invalid attachment. Is there a limit to the number of pictures I can put in the ZIP image folder?

I' ve sent in my ad campaigns, but I' m not getting any results or notifications, why? Do I know if my files have already been edited? Finally, you will be notified after a ZIP document has been handled (NotifyEmail tags must be specified in Settings.xml). It will be handled one by one until no more files are available in the FTP destination FTPZIP.

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