Yangon Yangon Bar

The Yangon Yangon Bar

Explore the best nightlife in Yangon with Blind Tiger, Rough Cut and Penthouse. In Yangon, early curfews and blackouts are a thing of the past. The Yangon Yangon Bar | Myanmar Restaurant Guide: pleasant environment and suitable for a romantic dinner with friends on the roof of the bar. Yangon, Vista Rooftop Bar: The Teak Bar offers one of the best views in Yangon with spectacular views of the city and the river and offers a unique selection of cocktails in a refined ambience.

Yangon Best Bar - Review by Yangon Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

At Bogyoke Aung San Road and Sule Pagoda Road and across from Sule Shangri-la Hotel. There is no obstruction to the Shwe Dagon Pagoda in the northern part and the Sule Pagoda in the southern part. Among the other cocktail bar I've visited in Yangon. Here you can combine the perfect combination of nocturnal wind, cocktail, city views and sound.

We had a drinks on the admission pass, so we were sitting above one of them for an hours, talking and enjoying the views. Shwedagon in one way and Sule Pagoda in the other. Directly opposite the street of Sule Shangri-La it is very easily reachable, if you stay there and come home from supper, it is perfect to go to the lift and reach it.

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Yangon skybar - review of Yangon Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Since I arrived during the happily hours, my entrance fee was only half as expensive. On the other end of the Swedagon screen is the sight of the stream and you can see boats docking. I went to supper after dark, but I came back with the same tickets.

There is a motel that obstructs the sunset to the sky, but this is only a small detail. The entrance charge was 10,000 kyats and there was a free beverage. It was a really beautiful sight, but I felt like I was just at another roof bar somewhere in Southeast Asia, not necessarily in Myanmar.

Whilst this bar charges an entrance charge, the entrance pass contains a free beverage, which is exactly what my mates and I wanted to enjoy in the beautiful views of Yangon. We had good (and very big!) beverages and the views were not disappointing. There is a happily hours from 17.00 to 19.00 and the entrance is half the regular rate of 10.000 Kie.

So you have the possibility to order any beverage from your menue and we had a very beautiful one. Also the views are great! Were you in Yangon Yangon?

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