Yangon Yangon

The Yangon Yangon

Yangon's highest bar with panoramic views of the river and the endless ceiling of sky and stars. Aung San Street; Yangon. The Central Hotel is located in the heart of Yangon. With a rich and multicultural history, the Union Bar & Grill menu is designed to reflect its position as a "union" of East and West.

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Yangon's top drinking places

While it can be hard to find places that work after 9:00 pm in Yangon, the city's night life is constantly increasing. The top 5 Yangon nightclubs, run by PARKROYAL Picks, your own travelling inside, ensure a cheerful, alcoholic night. It is only a six minutes car ride from the seventh Joint Bar & Grill, 2.2 km from the hotels.

With the aim of promoting the Caribbean way of life and life in Myanmar, our relaxed, inviting ambience and attentive staff attract a wide range of visitors. Every evening of the weeks enormous masses of people romp around, which testifies to the great ambience and the unrivalled offers. Since its opening three years ago, Union has been at the top of the Yangon cuisine.

There is a relaxing ambience, as well as a first-class meal and drink list. On the roof of the Sakura Tower above the Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro, visitors can enjoy a glas of sparkling wine and a magnificent panorama look at the town' s Skyline.

Yangon Yangon is only 10 minutes away from the motel and is best consumed at nights when the ambience is cold and relaxed. Opened in November 2014 and moved to its present location in the centre of Yangon in March 2016, the powerful creations, beautiful interior and relaxed ambience of the Yangon city centre regularly attract sophisticated drink-lovers.

Influenced by the American prohibition of the 1920s and early 1930s, Blindf Tiger also offers a delicious range of wallpapers and supports the art of the area with works of art on the mural. A cozy little Japanese style barbecue and whiskey shop in the historical and lovely Sofaer Building, the center of a Baghdadi-Jewish business during the golden age of Rangoon.

Situated in a former hairdressing parlour, the 88-strong cellar cocktail lounge with barbecue diner opened its gates in early 2016 and has since served a delicious meal that concentrates on daily breakfast with home-made produce from the area. Booking your PARKROYAL Yangon holiday and planning your bar-hopping adventures!

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