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Yangon for the first time

It was definitely international at Yangon International Airport, and I'm not trying to be kitschy, but it has the feeling of being nostalgic even without reminiscing of Myanmar. This is where I ended up in Yangon. Yangon seems to be the most costly country when comparing hostel prices in Myanmar.

On the other hand, most aliens end up in Yangon, so you can add a little more, as they will be staying anyway. But for someone who just ended up in Myanmar, I went out to get something to drink instead of sandwiches and jams. Since my boyfriend and I (thanks to my boyfriend's connections) were shown around in the air-conditioning car, it was unfortunately not possible for me to take many photos.

First, I don't like photographing through a windows, and second, the windows were brown. I will upload mainly images that I think have the most Myanmar feeling. I' m not going to upload too many of my images, hoping that everyone who reads the contributions can better appreciate the landscape there.

Before uploading the images of my journey, I would like to present myself and my boyfriend. Yangon Tea House is one of the best western cafes and restuarants in Myanmar. The Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda is one of the most famous in Yangon with a 65m long lying Buddha picture. However, there are many roaming strays in Myanmar.

I think some are extremely kind, and some have had no interaction with humans. As most of the Myanmar I have seen, the dog is generally very cute and soft. There is nothing against it and I had the feeling that the Myanmar tribe treated these hounds in the same respectable way as they do.

Apparently, Sharky's is supposed to have the best chick in Yangon. After that we decide to go back to our guest house, relax there with full climate control and to come to the Shwedagon Pagoda just before sundown. In a pagoda no boots or stockings are permitted and I didn't want to burnt my legs on any case on marble slates.

Swedagon is the most popular and holy Buddhist in Myanmar. During this period the temperature of the flagstones was not too high, in comparison to other coup ├ęs I have visited in other Myanmar citys. In Myanmar there are 8 sign of the zodiac, 1 for each date of childbirth, except Wednesday, which is divided into lessons (Monday Tigers; Tuesday Lion; Wednesday (a.m.)-toothed bull; Wednesday (p.m.)-toothed bull; Thursday Rat; Friday Boar; Saturday Kings Sobra; Sunday Bird).

So I get the awesome tusk elfant as these nuns. No. There are a large number of local residents who rest, chat, make appointments, wander around - chill out. While there may be innumerable men, there was still a feeling of calm and awe.

At sunset, everyone was sitting overlooking the gold coup. To learn more about my stay in Yangon in Korea, click here.

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