Yangon where to go

to Yangon, where to go

From Yangon Central Railroad station, north of Sule Pagode, between Sule Pagoda Street and Pansodan Street. The temples are pagodas that can be entered and typically have four entrances and exits located to the north, south, east and west with a Buddha at each entrance. When you want a nice trip to Yangon, January is a good time for you to go. The most famous pagoda in Myanmar can be visited or you can enjoy a pleasant taste of local life. The most impressive activity in Yangon is a visit to Shwedagon Pagoda.

Journey of adventure: 48h in Yangon

Myanmar's former capitol and still its biggest town, Yangon, is a place of disorder. Sellers are serving lunches on the streets on plastic desks in front of moss-covered, centuries-old farmhouses, and the inhabitants are buzzing in luxuriant verdant gardens and the natives in longgyi (traditional tunics ) are wearing cell phone handsets on their pagodas - even in the gold Shwedagon pagoda.

Awaken in a super-comfortable Shangri-La (223 Sule Pagoda Road) and look at the city's low settlement line before having a lazy and cozy early morning breakfasts with Myanmar noodles, Myanmar famous for its cuisine. There's something for everyone at the hotel's Café Sule. Schedule a rider for the entire afternoon through the guesthouse and your first important stop is the Shwedagon Pagoda.

With a 72-karat stone, the building's gold, jewel-encrusted rooftop has been dominating the urban sprawl and lifestyle for 2,500 years. We will have lunch on the Belmond Governor's Residence (35 Taw Win Road), a former villa with goose in the beautiful gardens.

Away from the well-trodden paths to Nagar Glass Factory (Hlaing Mahasi Road), which was shaken by Cyclone Nargis in 2008 and now also attracts those looking for unique memorabilia - but don't ignore your mosquito repellant, because the mosquitoes can be malicious. A further attraction is the Thiri Mingalar Mark, Yangon's genuine fruits, flowers and vegetables fair - where visitors are definitely a newcomer.

For a quieter option, you could take a look at the 72 metre long Buddha (Shwegondine Road). Unwind with our tranquil sailors at the Gekko Bars (535 Merchant Street) in the historical Sofaer & Co buildings - the cocktails are served from Singapore Bars 28 Hong Kong Street - and stay for your yakitoris.

Or for a delicious evening meal, select from the many grill stands and dining along popular 19th Street. Hiking in Yangon: every Wednesday and Sunday at 4 pm. The Yangon Heritage Trust: Visit the booking website. Sometimes the town seems to feel gripped by the crowds: crowds of pedestrians crowd to buy their goods, vehicles are blocking roads (motorcycles are forbidden) and tugs are leaning out of the busses that call their rout.

On the historical Bogyoke Market (built in 1926, sometimes also known as Scott Market) you can buy your own lung gyi, where you can also find crafts from all over the land, fashions, jade and more. Visit the arts booths - Myanmar has an up-and-coming arts community, and you can see more works of arts in other downtown establishments, such as the Pansodan Cafe Gallery (286 Pansodan Road).

A break at Rangoon Teahouse (77-79 Pansodan Road), where you can enjoy genuine vintage-style dishes and everything on the meal plan, from samosas salads and tealeaf lettuce to curries and biryanis, is accompanied by a draught beers. Later on, on a walk, you will explore the unbelievable architectonic heritage of Yangon's past - it is the biggest gathering of archaeological monuments in Southeast Asia.

At the Yangon Cultural Trust (22-24 Pansodan Road) you can see cultural inheritance exhibits or see the Foundation's work on 501 Merchant Street, where a centuries-old edifice has been restored. In the midst of this splendour, the octagonal Sule Pagoda stands out from a traffic circle on Sule Pagoda Road.

Though smaller than Shwedagon, it is just as breathtaking. Try a drink at the Strand Yangon Beach Road in The Strand, a historic 1901 BC building by the famous Sarkie Brethren, who also designed the Raffles in Singapore and the Eastern & Eastern orientental in Penang. Take a flight directly back to Yangon with one of several carriers, with cheap Jetstar for only $200.

It will depart Singapore at 8.55am and return from Yangon at 11am.

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