Yangon what to see and do

What to see and do in Yangon

Clubs range from average prices to expensive high-end clubs, and there are various things to see and do in Yangon nightclubs. Myanmar's Buddhists have no holier place than the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Find out about top tours and attractions in Yangon. So, if you only have time to see a sight in Yangon, make sure it is! More events in Hmawbi.

Top tips for sightseeing in Yangon

Yangon, Myanmar's biggest and most culturally rich town, offers something for everyone with its sacred relicts, unspoilt parklands and recently opened malls. The Shweedagon Necklace, a gold stupa that is easy to distinguish from the whole town, is Myanmar's icon of the country's nation. The 99 metre high silhouette is undoubtedly Yangon's biggest emblem and biggest tourist magnet and is best seen at dawn and dusk when the 2,600 year old icon of art is enhanced by daylight.

To the north-east of Shwedagon on Shwegondaing Road are two monuments of Buddha, Chauk Htat Gyi and Nga Htat Gyi. Complicated design on the floors of the six-storey lying sculpture of Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha Temple and the woodcarvings that surround Nga Htat Gyi's five-storey sitting sculpture bear witness to the delicate craftmanship of iconic religions throughout the state.

The Sule Pagoda in the centre of Yangon is a lighthouse that shines near Maha Bandoula Park all year round. It reminds us that although Myanmar is a predominantly Buddha state, it is home to a variety of faiths. It is important to be modest when going to places of worship, with your hands undercover.

Longyi and scarfs are available at the shwedagon door and boots must be taken off before you enter the dock. A well-tended lawn and reflective water creates an haven of peace in the Kandawgyi and Inya Lakes area. The early hours of the day are ideal for jogging on the meandering paths of the park, and when the day sets, pairs rave in the park and remain in the shade of eye-catching canopies.

Maha Bandula Park in the centre of the town is a meeting place for both family and celebrations. On the southern side of Maha Bandula, the Yangon River can be crossed to Dala Township. Although a large part of Myanmar's population continues to carry old-fashioned longyis, external fashions are sneaking into the land, and humble West clothing is increasingly accepted.

If you have a full-featured paperback, the recently opened Junction Town is a state-of-the-art retailing, gastronomy and leisure area on Bogyoke Aung San Road. Learn about Yangon's night life, roof bar, sidewalk cuisine and good eating to get to know the contemporary side of the town. On the way to Myanmar?

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