Yangon what to see and do

What to see and do in Yangon

Yangon! is the starting point for most trips to Myanmar! This is our travel guide with the best sights and activities as well as practical tips! This half-day cooking trip in Yangon offers you the opportunity to get to know the authentic Burmese cuisine. To discover unique local ingredients, visit a local market.

When in Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a place to visit.

Sights around Yangon Myanmar

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon is the former Myanmar capitol and is a great place for cultural events, religious events, and good cuisine. Yangon is a great place to go if you are traveling to Myanmar. Sights in Yangon Myanmar. For how long should I stay in Yangon?

Canyon is GREAT and has a lot to see, so it can be enticing to spend a whole weekend or longer. However, please keep in mind that you probably only have a temporary entry permit. There' just so many places to see all over Myanmar. While we found out that 2-3 nights in Yangon were enough to see many of the sights - it is definitely not to be taken for granted that we are not big-city-men.

Several guesthouses are less expensive than other areas of Yangon. We' ve definitely got to know some great guys here and it's a great starting point to explore Yangon. There' are some nice restaurants, good buses, it's near Lanmadaw railway and best near the cinemas!

Sights in Yangon Myanmar. Things to do and see in Yangon around Yangon Myanmar. The city of Yangon is not far away from several beautiful gardens. Visit People's in Swedagon Pagoda and Bogyoke with a beautiful pond and bridge.

Do you need to chill out and enjoy a film with Yangon even has a theater that shows movies in English. It is situated near the less expensive accomodation at the crossroads of Anawratha and Phone Gyi Streets. Yangon is your best choice if you want to enjoy high-end cuisine.

is a large daily fair in the heart of Myanmar. They can buy clothing, handbags, accessories, presents and even some souvenirs. You will find the Boogyoke Store on Boogyoke Rd opposite No 28. St. There' re many pagodas in Yangon. In contrast to most in Myanmar, the Yangon Pagodas are charging quite a high price to foreign visitors.

The Sule Pagode calculates 3.700Ks (3 US$ / 2 GBP) for a foreigner. The Botahtaung pit on the pier costs 6,000Ks (5 US$ / 3 GBP). SWEDAGON PAGODE swedagon pagode calculates 8,000Ks (6. 50 US$ / 5 GBP) to run the main part. Please be aware that some of these rates can be set against the US Dollars, so the amount in national currencies may vary with the foreign rates.

When you don't use the railway to get from A to A, it's definitely a good idea to jump up for a truly indigenous time. That was really one of my highpoints in Yangon. They do not have to go far to find a large selection of regional dishes that can be cooked and marketed at great value.

When you have taken a Yangon boat trip and liked it, please let us know in the commentaries. So how do I get around Yangon? You can also take a taxi from 1 US$ to 5 US$, according to where you want to go.

Sights in Yangon Myanmar. Use caution as there is a fork in the railroad curve and some lines are leaving for other places in Myanmar, so it can be difficult to find the right one. I can' get out of Yangon.

Coaches can be booked through many guesthouses in the city. The Yangon has coach services to many of Myanmar's epochal places. When booking your coach in the city, make sure it includes a free transfer from your guesthouse. The first time in Myanmar? Burma is undergoing rapid change, so current blogging (like this, ahem!) will be a great one.

However, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, you will probably want to take a tour guidebook with you. Have a look at our blog at the small pension that you can find on the itinerary for each place: if you would rather organize yourself and make all your bookings in advanced, this should be very helpful:

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