Yangon what to do

It is Yangon what to do

You can book your tickets online for the main activities in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar on TripAdvisor: Explore the best activities in Yangon, including Shwedagon Paya, Shwe Sa Bwe, Rangoon Tea House. An exhaustive list of activities in Yangon, Burma Myanmar. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Yangon. Explore hidden attractions, cool sights and unusual things in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) from Shwedagon Pagoda to Insein Prison.

Activities in Yangon, Burma Myanmar

The Botataung is the less known of the "Three Pagodas" of Yangon. Even if it does not have the luminosity of Shwedagon or the statue of Sule, a Buddha's head is placed in its gold wall, making it an important place for religion..... More about Botataung Wooden Tablet.

When you enter a Yangon fair, make it almost a hundred years old Bogyoke Aung San Markets, where you will find slow to die cash wallets, a burgeoning arts community and ranks of scarce gemstones and jewelry stores. High blankets, tidy floor and reasonably tidy stores provide a relatively quiet shopping environment for the Southeast Asian markets, but still walk before the heat up of the days and.....

More about Bogyoke Aung San Market. Yangon's Sule is the shining gold centre of Yangon (Rangoon). Situated in the midst of two major Yangon arterial roads that converge in a circle that surrounds it, the pit stop is just a stupa and a breathtaking landmark town.....

More about the Sule Pagode. Burma's holiest and most venerated is Shwedagon in Yangon, which stands proudly on Singuttara Hill between People's Park and Kandawgyi lake. More about Shwedagon Lagoda. Kandawgyi is the name of one of the two striking Yangon waters, the "Great King's Lake", which was formed during the colonisation of Britain.

Situated to the northern side of Yangon (Rangoon), it is a place to shake off the fear of road and relieve the earaches from the horn by strolling through the surrounding tree-lined gardens. Learn more about Lake Kandawgyi. What is the best and least expensive way to see Yangon (Rangoon)?

You can take the Yangon District Training for half a full working days, up-close and at your own pace. The Yangon Circuit is the favorite way of the Yangoonie to journey, clickety-clacking through 29 mile of jerky rail in alignment old-fashioned pull-type. More about the Yangon circular training. Yangon's Gem-Mart, a three-story building with jewelry stores and a one-story building, is well deserved to get a sense of the generosity of Burma's estates.

Whilst the country's biggest saphire and ruby has been moved to the capitol Naypyidaw, what is for auction here should make shopkeepers in Yangon happier with some of the best prizes, while the..... More about Gem Museum and Mart. Watch your environment as you travel from the Yangon Rangoon International Airports to Yangon city centre and you will see lines of colorful parasols and well-tended yards.

Underneath them hides Inya and everything its 37 mtrs. Yangon's biggest water reservoir offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits and dining and is a place to relax away from the crowds..... More about Inya Lake. The Kabar Aye Cloakroom in the northern part of Yangon (Rangoon) is an excellent place for those seeking contemplation or for those who want a quiet outing.

The Kabar Aye was constructed in 1952 to house the Sixth Worlds Buddhist Synod..... More about the Kabar Aye Pagoda. At the end of the afternoon, why not try a Rangoon River sundown boating trip? There are no really stunning places as such - apart from the sundown itself, if you're fortunate - but there is another viewpoint over Yangon city centre and the shore area.

Cruising on the busy stream during peak traffic hours overlooking the harbour to faraway Shwedagon on a..... More about Sunset Bootsfahrt. If you are not taking a railroad, it may not be wise to stop at Yangon Central Station, but this is one of the most stunning and beautiful buildings in Yangon city centre - here is a brief overview of this sleek old railroad.....

More about the main station. More about Off the Beaten Track. Yangon (Rangoon) Drugs Elimination Museums is a weird must for anyone interested in the story of the Myanmar war. More about the Drugs Elimination Muzeum. Against the backdrop of Myanmar's (Burma's) rich past and past isolations, Yangon is swarming with activity and is beginning to penetrate the underworld.

More about Yangon Fine Arts Galeries. Recently we had the joy of traveling to Burma for three short periods, and while we had big ideas for achieving a number of goals during those three long periods, the plan went wrong when we got to Yangon, we fallen in loving her and stayed there for five nights.

At the end we only reported about Yangon, Pyay and Bagan, but we will come back soon. More about Yangon in pictures. As a result, the byME project tries to modify this by moving the class-room to..... Learn more about the Yangon. on Skyscanner. Please have a look at past editions.

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