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Weather in October

How is the weather in Italy in October? Oct. is the transitional period between the rainy season and the cooler dry season. Please note that the roads in Myanmar become impassable during the monsoon season from May to October. The Yangon - Get hot and drier.

Boundary information: If you enter Yangon, you will most likely enter Yangon International Airport (IATA code: RGN).

September and October weather - Yangon (Rangoon) Message Board

I was in Vietnam in September and found it terribly warm and wet, but not particularly wet, if I remember correctly. In September it rains more than in October, normally. Normally there is almost no precipitation at the end of September. Weather here will get much happening, depending on the end time period yes, Sep get precipitation in the side object, but we get top Burma in Oct. so,End of September is the attempt to go around Tour.

However, it was said that the northern part had a lot of precipitation this September/early October.

October weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar

In Rangoon, Yangon, the mean October weather is 27.85 °C (82.13 °F). Mornings can be very, very warm with moderate high afternoon heat of up to 31.5 °C (88.7 °F). Accommodation is generally quite warm, averaging 75.6 °F (24.2 °C). There is a variation in mean daytime temp of 7.3 °C (13.1 °F) in October.

October weather is sometimes humid with rains. Substantial amounts of 206 mm (8.1 in) of fluid are emitted over an averaging 10 working nights. Heaven over Rangoon, Yangon, is okay with an averaging 6:32 hours of glorious sunshine every morning. Shorthest is 11:30 and longest is 11:57 with an avarage length of 11:43.

Verify the proximity to Rangoon and cross-reference the average values of Yangon October with those from somewhere starting with: Browse to October weather in the vicinity of Rangoon, Yangon:

Weather in Yangon in October - Myanmar Tours

The weather in Yangon is slowly rising in October. The weather in this town is hot, with an annual mean of 27.85°C (82.13°F). The monthly peak temp. is 32°C, sometimes exceeding 34°C or rising to 29°C on one of ten chosen dates. Remarkably, the shorter one is 11 h 30 min and the longest one 11 h 57 min with an avarage length of 11:43.

During this period the skies are okay with 6 hrs and 32 min a day of bright day sun. It fades when the day passes from the beginning to the end of the months. It is remarkable to note that 73% of the October day will be affected by some types of precipitation such as storms, temperate and milder.

By the end of the months, the atmosphere becomes dryer as RH falls to what is better known as mild moisture. Weather will be better for travelers to discover the Myanmar town. There may be more people visiting this town, so make your reservations as soon as possible to get the best accommodation at reasonable prices.

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