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Yangon, Myanmar 14 day weather forecast

This is your temp for the next 14 nights. You can browse to the chart below to see the current forecasts. How did this come about in a few years? Canadá 2030: What on earth is it? When do robin feed on worms in one go?

Japan's Weathernews opens Myanmar Mail

Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch. Weathernews has opened a facility here in Myanmar's largest town to handle and manufacture contents for its core line of providing comprehensive environmental information to shipowners. Headquartered in Chiba Prefecture, the shipyard gathers and analyses weather information from oceans around the world to help shipowners choose safer sailing itineraries.

Yangon will analyze and process the information together with the current sites in Japan, the USA, Denmark and the Philippines. Weatherernews recruited around 20 employees, among them college grads from the marine sector, to start the new operation. In Myanmar, it is not difficult for the firm to recruit marine experts because the marine colleges here are attracting a wealth of outstanding talents, as the ship's crew has a high level of community involvement in the state.

Along with the Philippines and India, Myanmar was a major resource for the multinational crews of Japan's shipowners. An increasing number of Japan-based enterprises are using Myanmar's scientific, technological and technical expertise, with some like NTT Data using the state as a basis for developing off-shore softwares.

ASIA' SCOUTTY: THE TOWNS OF THE FUTURE: The Yangon is not resistant to disaster.

YANGON: Nothing is natural these times when it comes to the weather in Myanmar. At Yangon, the inhabitants speak of a period when they wore pullovers or scarfs in the cooler cold weather, when the early hours of the day were crispy and in order to be warmer. However, this increase in temperatures is only a small indication of the unprecedented challenge faced by the country's biggest town.

Stricter forecasts of the world' s climates leave Myanmar as a whole on the brink of a potentially catastrophic future: a sharp rise in temperatures of five degrees by the end of the last millennium, as well as seismic events, floods and mega-migrants. This was a gradual combustion that will worsen in the next few years.

We initially thought it was bad weather, but this bad weather has been happening since 1978," he said. Whilst major towns in the area such as Manila and Bangkok are well accustomed to their proportion of catastrophes, Yangon is relatively benedic. While the desperate peasantry is struggling with the changes, "the probability that the Yangon situation will get even worse" is increasing.

City dwellers are inclined not to worry about the enviroment, observe. According to the people who have been cultivating the country for generation, the rural areas around Kawhmu are becoming uninhabitable within the borders of Yangon. You have seen how saltwater from the near cove disappears under their farmland.

At the height of the drought, the kids run for kilometres to gather clean waters in pails attached to a wood stake fastened to their backs. They would have gathered it from the rivers or from long lost, wholesome watering rivers in the past. During the drought, the kids are obliged to run kilometers for mud. The stream is muddy.

This little creek is now a street. The parts are deep and near the Bay of Bengal. The main issue at present is a shortage of clean running waters. "You want clean drinkin' to drink, you gotta go over 125 feet," says Zin Yaw, a fungus-harmer. Kawhmu people say that the temperature is now "twice as hot" as in the past.

However, it could be a flood that will ultimately determine the area' s destiny. According to surveys by the Climate Service Center Germany, the water around Yangon could increase by 60 cm and even up to one meter by the end of the last millennium. Until 2030, sea-level rises would mean more than USD 500 million in damages annually if little is done by then.

Then the greatest risk exists with storms and following floods. Kawhmu, on the other side of the Yangon River, was badly affected by floods at that period and is susceptible to renewed flood. Freshwater accessibility is an important issue for the Yangon region's peasants.

Nature has also directed its devastating gaze at the more densely inhabited areas of Myanmar - around Yangon and the broader area. In more than 120 years of windstorm activity, only 7 percent of our radar equipment hits the North Sea area, versus 90 percent on the western shore, says Ye Ye Ye Nyen, head of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) in Yangon.

Nevertheless, she doubted that the inhabitants of the cities understood the trends well. The floods of Cyclone Nargis, which overlap with deep parts of Yangon and its surroundings on leafy areas, show areas of blush. She says the way plastics are used and disposed of in the town blocks runoffs and worsens floods in Yangon during the rainy seasons is proof of this.

Once the waters are gone, growers can no longer cultivate their crops," says Win Mio Thi, EcoDev's CEO. Yet, he cautions, this does not mean that Yangon is best suited for long-term viability. Excavations of sandy soil cause floods in deep parts of Yangon every year. DMH is pursuing its MONSUN ADVOCYCY programmes in the Danube area for municipalities that have not previously needed it.

The Commission also hopes to introduce a long-established early alert system for the Yangon and beyond. The Pazundaung Creek has expanded further throughout the year in the low-lying South Okkalapa Township, about 10 km northern of Yangon city centre. The water flows smoothly even in the drought, where once kids used to play soccer.

89 Daw Yi says she wants to go out of her house because of the danger of floods. 89-year-old Daw Yi says that knee-high floods are now normal: "I want to move to another place now because I'm more concerned about the floods every year," she said.

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