Yangon Weather in February

Weather in February

High and low average temperatures in February. Weather in Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar in February. It is expected that the temperature in January will gradually rise with the change in days. They have high temperatures and humidity from February to May. Mid February to mid May is the hot season and it gets hot!

The weather in January / February in Yangon? - The Yangon (Rangoon) News Board

The weather in January / February in Yangon? Is" winter" there similar to that of Hong Kong/Taiwan with an avarage 15°C? Do you need a sweater/jacket during the day to explore the roads of Yangon? I' m having a hard meteorological test because different sides of the weather seem to suggest quite different results.

The weather in January / February in Yangon? The weather in January / February in Yangon? The weather in January / February in Yangon? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

February weather in Yangon, Myanmar 2018

The tropical monsoon weather influences February in Yangon. If you are traveling to Yangon in February, you can expect: frequent haze and heavy weather. During the whole of February, you should be prepared for the summer sunshine with good weather and mean temperatures at 37? The warm weather is very hazardous for kids and older persons. Extremely high UV index, which is in February (11) and you should take all precautions:

Do not expose yourself to the heat of the day to the heat of the day within three afternoons! Normally the 4th weeks is the warmest in February. Meteorological incidents that may happen during the journey to Yangon: 9 x (fog), Yangon in February unpleasantly warm weather with slightly overcast skies. The best holiday season in Yangon 2018.

Verify the February temperatures curve: The graph shows the dates of the last 10 years. In February, the average clouds are around 16%. In fact, February is a rainy mont. Be careful with hot flashes! Ratio of luminous index varies from 30 (little or no discomfort) to 35 (obvious discomfort) in the course of a characteristic February.

Frequently the best indicator of how pleasant the weather is for a rug. If you are travelling to Yangon, you should know that lower and higher levels of condensation are drier and more dehumid. Above the February average condensation point changes from 17 (OK for most, but everyone senses the moisture at the top) to 20 (somewhat unpleasant for most at the top).

During a normal February, the length of the days increases by about 23 mins. Daybreak is February 1st and offers 11 h 24 min sunlight, 6:37 AM at dawn and 6:02 PM at dusk and the longest days are February 28th with 11 h 47 min sunlight, 6:25 AM at dawn and 6:13 PM at dusk.

There is an hourly light output of 12 per day on medium. In February the windspeed varies between 4 km/h and 5 km/h. That means that it should be prepared for a totally calm weather. Weather in February is best described as nice and bright, but in February you should adjust to the mean temperature:

Ultraviolet in February is EXTREME. Use all precautionary measures: The best air supply for the cardiac is 1016 hPa. The air presure is actually lower in February. Accurate February Yangon weather forecasts (based on archived weather data):

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