Yangon Weather in April

Weather in April

Period in different temperature ranges and the growing season in April. Weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar in April, average. When you travel to Yangon in April, you can expect: sparse rain, exceptional fog, sometimes thunderstorms and hearty weather. Weather in April in Rangoon, Yangon. The weather in Yangon is extremely hot in April.

April Weather - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

Hello - I am interested in going to Myanmar in about a week as it is the least expensive from where I am. I am also interested in some walks in Myanmar. I just wonder what the weather is like now - I know it's very warm, but is it too warm to go on a trekk?

Well, when you look at the weather in Yangon, it moves up to 40 degrees Celsius, so not good for walking. Taste the time of monsoons, the opportunity for rains and sludge, but better temperature once it has happened. Perhaps nobody else does treks so that the prizes are high.

And I wouldn't walk near Yangon either.

April weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar

Rangoon, Yangon's April mean temp is very high at 87.17 °F (30.65 °C). The afternoon can be very warm with medium high °C (98.6 °F). Accommodation is generally quite warm, averaging 75.7 °F (24.3 °C). Mean daytime April air temp is 22.9 °F (12.7 °C).

Weather in April is dry with hardly any precipitation. An abject 15mm (0.6in) H2O is allowed to drop for an avarage of 2 nights. The skies over Rangoon, Yangon, are bright in April with an impressive 9:25 sunshine per da. Shorthest is 12:16 and longest is 12:42 with an avarage length of 12:29.

It' s sunshine 76.1% of the light of day and 23.9% of the light of day. Verify the proximity to Rangoon and cross-reference the average values of Rangoon, Yangon April with those starting from anywhere: Browse to April weather in the vicinity of Rangoon, Yangon:

The weather in Bagan and Yangon at the end of March/April?

I was in Bagan last year in mid-April and it was very warm. In the early mornings for exploring, back to midday and to find shadows in the hottest hours of the year. In the later afternoons back to sunset. Well, the topic Ono mentioned is actually quite a big one. Take off your boots at the door of every shrine and every shrine, and the rock gets warm when the light is on.

I' m here with the hotness and the nakedness. Bagan was very much appreciated in April. but April was quite empty.

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