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Weather in Yangon per month

Weather & climate averages in Yangon, Myanmar. Refer to average monthly temperatures below. The" average daily maximum" (solid red line) indicates the maximum temperature of an average day for each month in Yangon. Contains monthly temperatures, rainfall, sunshine hours and relative humidity. Test average temperature, sunshine & rainfall and more to Yangon, Burma.

Weather in Yangon Myanmar 2018 Climate and weather in Yangon

One or more month with less than 60 mm of precipitation. Typical montly averages are above 18°C (64°F). The highest seasonal temp. is shortly before the wet seasons. Usually the second one is the warmest. for the closest site in Rangoon:

Yangon weather phenomenon of the past years: - What are the hottest in Yangon? How is the mean temp during these month in Yangon? - The hottest month by far are: April, March, May in Yangon. As a rule, April is the hottest month with an mean of 36° C.

  • When is the colder period in Yangon (Myanmar)? - The coolest month is August with a temp. of 30 and an avarage rainfall of 1 mm. Others are cool months: May 31?, July 31?, October 32?. - We plan a journey to Yangon next year. Which weather should we be expecting in these month in Yangon?
  • In March, the temperatures will vary between 20 at 13 at nights and 35 during the daytime. In November, hot weather awaits you in Yangon. It is 33? during the morning and 21 during the evening. - What is the March temperatures in Yangon?
  • In March, the temperatures will vary between 20 at 13 at Night and 35 during the daytime. - How much rain falls in February in Yangon? - What if the Yangon summers are the colder? - Three-month periods with the lowest temperatures at night: - What is the November differences in temperatures between November in Yangon?

In 1959-2017 for Yangon it should be noted that the distinction between daily and nocturnal temperatures in Yangon is: day: - Which year was the hottest in Yangon? - The hottest year was 2014 with an annual mean of 27? - Which year was the colder in Yangon? - The coolest year was 2013 with an avarage temperature: 27?

  • What is the temp of the Yangon area? - From 27? to 30 you can drink the warm waters in months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Normally the hottest is in May (30?). - When' s the last time you get a shot at Yangon?
  • During the year the sea temp. does not fall below 27?. - What is the August weather in Yangon? - In August the sea is 28?. Long range 30 days weather for Yangon: Friday, July 3rd, actual feeling temperature: Saturday, July 4th, actual temperature:

Sunday, July 5th, actual temperature: Monday, July 6th, actual temperature: Tuesday, July 7th, actual temperature: Wednesday, July 8th, actual temperature: Thursday, July 9th, actual temperature: Friday, July 10th, True feeling of temperature: Saturday, July 11th, actual temperature: Sunday, July 12th, actual temperature: Monday, July 13th, actual temperature:

Tuesday, July 14th, actual temperature: Wednesday, July 15th, actual temperature: Thursday, July 16th, actual temperature: Friday, July 17th, actual temperature: Saturday, July 18th, actual temperature: Sunday, July 19th, actual temperature: Monday, July 20th, actual temperature: Tuesday, July 21, actual temperature: Wednesday, July 22nd, actual temperature:

Thursday, July 23rd, actual temperature: Friday, July 24th, actual feeling temperature: Saturday, July 25th, actual temperature: Sunday, July 26th, actual temperature: Monday, July 27th, actual temperature: Tuesday, July 28th, actual temperature: Wednesday, July 29th, actual temperature: Thursday, July 30th, actual temperature: Friday, July 31st, Really feeling temperature:

Saturday, August 1, real temperature:

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