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April is the warmest month on average. The coldest month on average is January. Previous weather with monthly averages for Yangon. Weather in April in Rangoon, Yangon. Is the climate in Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar going to be good in April?

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Mary's force corresponds to a Category 4 Hurricane. The tropic windstorm Chris should intensify and send waves and current towards the middle Atlantic. The rescue continues as it rains endanger the surgery. Beryl's remains are dropping precipitation on Puerto Rico, and the wind gale could resurface near the Bahamas by the end of this sunday.

Yangon (Yangon) Weather averages & temperatures every month | Myanmar

These are the maximum mean day-time sub-zero elevations (usually around midday), i.e. no day/night altitudes and depths. See the following table to see the day-to-day operating temp. ranges. On the following diagram you can see the mean amount of precipitation and the number of rainfalls per day per year.

Following graphic shows the day-to-day operating temp. ranges for each mon. In the following graphic the mean ocean temp is shown. Below is the diagram showing the mean windspeeds. If there is an avarage of more than 16km/h or 10mph per monthly air velocity, this indicates that a site is quite draughts. On the following chart the mean air moisture is shown.

June weather Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

Anyone can tell me how good/bad the weather is in Myanmar for June (Yangon)? to be travelling this year and was wondering if the weather would put a damper or not. June is the wet weather in Myanmar, Yangon. Bagan & Mandalay are tropic zones, some rains, thank you, but is the weather really restricting your work?

Depending on the severity of the monsun - a few years ago the Yango/Mandalay Routes were flushed away with my friend 3 workdays. However, the Italian and Hispanic groups successfully traveled during the rainy seasons and of course the domestic market continued as usual, but a little more subdued.......

Only for Yangon, yes, you can be soaked, but as mentioned above, there are still Italian and Hispanic. It may be necessary to use an unbreakable or raincoat. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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