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Weather in August

Weather in Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar in August. Time: Not much changes between July and August. Throughout May, June, July, August, September and October. Meteorological data for Yangon (Myanmar). Will the climate in Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar be good in August?

August weather in Yangon, Myanmar 2018

The tropical monsoon weather influences August in Yangon. If you are travelling to Yangon in August, you can expect: Normally it rains, sometimes thunderstorms, occasional hailstorms, sparse mist, and warm weather. All of August, you should be prepared for the heatwave with good weather and mean temperatures at 32?

Extremely high Look at the UV index, which is in August (11) and you should take all precautions: Do not expose yourself to the heat of the day to the heat of the day within three afternoons! Normally the second one is the hotter in August. Meteorological occurrences that can happen during the journey to Yangon: 25 x (rain), 5 x (thunderstorm), less than 1 x (hail), less than 1 x (fog), Yangon in August experiencing sunshine and very cold weather with totally cloudy skies.

The best holiday season in Yangon 2018. Verify the August temperatures curve: The graph shows the dates of the last 10 years. In August the mean clouds are about 80%. In fact, August is a jubilant year. The last few years have been 25 sunny and wet years. In the course of a characteristic August, the relatively luminous index ranged from 37 (Evident discomfort) to 37 (Evident discomfort).

Frequently the best indicator of how pleasant the weather is for a rug. If you are travelling to Yangon, you should know that lower and higher levels of condensation are drier and more dehumid. Above the usual August thaw point the temperature changes from 24 (very moist, rather unpleasant) to 25 (extremely unpleasant, rather depressing).

During a normal August, the length of the days decreases by about 24 mins. Daybreak is August 31st and offers 12 h 28 min light, dawn is 5:53 am and dusk is 6:21 am and the longest days are August 1st with 12 h 53 min light, dawn is 5:46 am and dusk is 6:39 am.

There are 13 light-hour days on avarage in this time. In August the windspeed varies between 5 km/h and 6 km/h. That means that it should be prepared for a totally calm weather. Weather in August is best described by the term with precipitation, in August you should adjust to the mean temperature:

Ultraviolet in August is EXTREME. The best air supply for the cardiac is 1016 hPa. The air presure is actually lower in August. This is the most suitable air moisture when you are most comfortable at a relatively high air moisture level of about 45 per cent. You should expect significantly higher air moisture in August.

You' re inclined to sense a comedown. Accurate August Yangon weather forecasts (based on archived weather data):

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