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There will be no weather change for Yangon in June. Everything about the weather in Yangon, MM. Best time to go to Yangon, including current weather conditions, temperatures and rainfall. The climate in Rangoon (Yangon) in November can be described as hot, humid and relatively dry. In Southeast Asia, the climate in Yangon is tropical.

Weather in Burma November - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

So what is the Burma mean temp for early to late November, November 5-23? But how much rains? Thanks, normally no rains in November and the weather is very nice. Temperatures, depending on location. Yagon can get 27c, Bagan and Mandalay can get warmer than Yangon, 30c, Inle can get 25c. However, by the end of November at midnight the temperatures can fall by 17c, depending on where you are.

We recommend to wear lightweight, chilly clothing at nights. In general, daytime heat, about 30 cm3 and overnight can be about 23 cm3 Wellcome from Myanmar. Made a long cruise down the rivers in November a few years ago. There was no rains (it had come to an end at the end of October) and only needed a wooly early morning/late evening on the canal.

Do you think that it will not really start raining on the coast and in the resorts until November? You will arrive in the hottest period, which lasts from April to November, but you will have failed to see the monsoons that end in October. Yangon will be warm & Mandalay & Bagan will be hotter as it is in the arid area.

If you go into the cold time of the year, which lasts from December to March, it remains easy much later.

Weather in June - Myanmar Tours

There will be no weather changes for Yangon in June. As in the preceding months, the temperatures remain the same. Yangon is hot all of June with an mean of 81.23°F (27.35°C). Peak temperatures are projected to 86.4°F (30.2°C) and can fall to 76.1°F (24.5°C) at nights.

It is the shorter of 13h and 02min days; and the longest is 13h and 07min with an avarage length of 13h and 05min. In June the skies are mostly overcast, in particular it is sunshine about 19.9% of the daytime light lessons (02 hrs and 34 min) and 80.1% of the daytime light lessons are overcast.

There' s a big forecast that the weather will become more cloudy from the beginning to the end. Weather men say that the weather in June is really drenched with rains often (77% of the June rains get precipitation). An amazing 547mm (21.5in) of fluid is delivered for an median of 23 day.

It' raining hard in June.

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