Yangon Visa on Arrival 2016

Arrival Yangon Visa 2016

Myanmar's government no longer issues visas for tourists upon arrival. This article will guide you through the process of applying for a Myanmar eVisa, Myanmar Visa upon arrival or applying for a visa at the nearest consulate. 08/10/2016. A visa upon arrival makes it so much easier for tourists to visit! Is it possible to get a flight to Yangoon and a transit visa upon arrival?

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It was once considered the best and most advanced South East Asian airfield. While the old one is used solely for internal services, the new one, which has been in use since May 2007, operates internationally. At the beginning of 2016, the airport's total production was increased to 6 million, which is still not enough.

In 1947, the Calcutta Metropolitan Airports Authority erected the former RAF Mingaladon airbase. It was once considered the best in Southeast Asia and the most important regional airports, but the old age of the airports came to an end and stayed that way for many years. Created by the CPG Corporation of Singapore's Airports Development Division and build by Asia World, a Burma's premier building contractor, the new passenger handling facility can accommodate 900 arrivals and 900 departures in one.

During 2013, a syndicate under the leadership of an Asia World subsidiary was contracted to modernize Yangon in order to meet the growing demand for passenger and flight services. This order comprises a new German rail transit system and the extension of the adjacent area. With an annual capacity of 2.7 million passenger movements, the port carried 800,000 intercontinental and 1.2 million internal customers in 2006.

Yangon operates all ten Burma airline companies and about 20 multinational companies from Yangon World. And in June 2011, the German federal authorities pledged to boost the airport's passenger volume by 40 percent from 2.7 million to 3.8 million a year. It already has an average passenger volume of 2.7 million per year, after accepting 3.1 million in 2012 and 4 million in 2014.

In order to meet this demand, new interna-tional and intercontinental terminal facilities are being built, which are scheduled for completion by the end of 2015. Following the modernization, Yangon Airport will be able to serve 6 million travellers a year.

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